debian etch 2 nics

By rschroe ·
I have installed debina etch on a computer with 2 network cards. I want to implment a LAN connection and an outside connection, both fixed IP addresses, so the the systme will be accessibe from the LAN as well as on a dedicated outside IP.

the outside IP address works.

I can ping the nic for the LAN

I cannot ping anything else on the LAN and I cannot ping the LAN nic from any machine on the LAN.

Any ideas why this might be happening, or what to do about it?

BTW, per some posts I read I added eth0 and eth1 and then when rebooting it assigned eth2 and eth3. I found this very strange.

Can anyone help me with this?

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My first thought is that its all being stoped

by Dumphrey In reply to debian etch 2 nics

by the firewall. The eth2 and eth3 are probably because the system auto loaded them, you did not need to add them in. Do the assignments stay stablea cross reboots? If so, its all good.

Also, are you sure the iface for the lan is up? does it show in ifconfig?
say the lan iface is eth2,
ifconfig eth2 up (this needs root)
what does this command give you?

Firestarter is a good visual program to get you started on creating rules for the firewall
apt-get install firestarter
you will need to open a root terminal and open firestarter from there as it needs root access to modify the firewall scripts.

LAN port: allow all all is simple, block no traffic.
WAN port: Block all 1**8 addresses incoming, allow only incoming established, allow all outgoing. (this should be the default config of the existing firewall).
Default route out the WAN iface.
(using ubuntu but the basics are the same),1000000121,210**97-1,00.htm
Skip the beginning about compile, its in apt.

Quick question,

Is the outside iface directly on the internet? Or are both iface in the same subnet?

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