Debian Linux Web Server crashes/slows down to a snail speed every few days

By joshb ·
I have a problem that has been troubling me for about 2-3 months now and I havent been able to figure out what is going wrong. This is my first post so please be kind. Usually I'm able to find the solution to my problems myself, but with this one being so general, I don't know how to begin searching for the solution.

Basically, my debian server crashes every couple of days. It doesnt crash as in restart or shutdown completely, but just so slow that it cannot be used. Some examples,

I try to attempt to load a website on the server. The first page loads (most likely because its cached), but then once I try to click on a link or login it just sits attempting to login until a time out response is given.

If I attempt to login via SSH, sometimes I cant even log in, it just sits thinking forever and ever. Other times I am able to get in at least, and then when I attempt to check what is going on, for example I run: top, it clears the screen as it would before displaying the information, but just stays at a black screen and is unable to load the information.

If I am able to log in, then sometimes I attempt to reboot the server, and I can't even do that. It will start to reboot but then just hang completely at different things such as mysql, or apache, or whatever, and I will have to manually shutdown the PC, by holding down the power button.

Manually shutting down the PC seems to be the only way to restart the server, and once it reboots everything is top speed and in working order until the next day or so when it slows down to a halt and requires a reboot.

PLEASE SOMEONE HELP ME, WHAT SHOULD I DO? If you need any log files or anything please let me know. The times in which the slowdown occurs seem a bit random, sometimes usually after the weekends on Monday morning, and on Tuesday morning. But its really random. And there is nothing happening in terms of cron jobs on that dates that its happening.

I hope someone can help me

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whats the deal with this website

by joshb In reply to Debian Linux Web Server c ...

Is there no user base at all? The last two times I have posted questions on this forum, I never received ONE RESPONSE. Tek tips and expert exchange seem to be much better websites. I think this will be my last here unless I am able to get some sort of response to my questions.

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by w2ktechman In reply to whats the deal with this ...

"This is my first post so please be kind"
and then
"The last two times I have posted questions on this forum"

To me it sounds like a memory leak. Try doing random tests on memory usage several times a day.
What you are looking for is not at the time of the hangs, but something before the hangs, that may be triggering this extra usage.
Another thing to try is increasing your swap file.

I am really only a Linux user, and do not know much about administration of it, but I thought I might help a little, and at least put this post back up near the top of the page again so that it may catch attention from the Linux pros.

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