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Debug error is bugging me.

By Jack101 ·
Why do I get debug errors and how do I stop them?
When visiting some websites using IE with WindowsME I get the Error message "A Runtime error has occurred.Do you wish to debug? Line 12 Error:Object required. Yes/No".
On pressing Yes the Microsoft Development Environment window appears with "An exception of type'microsoft JScript runtime error:Object required' was not handled". "OK" On pressing OK "Miscelleneous Files- Microsoft Environment [break] - [ http://ad.double....]" appears in the heading of a new window. In the centre of the screen is a window with a tab marked Source and a line highlighted in yellow with an arrow/pointer to the line.
When the window is closed there is a warning message "This command will stop debugging Yes/No"
Nothing appears to be happening. What needs doing to stop the debug warnings.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Debug error is bugging me ...

RunTime errors are often hard to solve, Best thing to try, reinstall IE (after uninstalling it), reinstalling the latest Java from Sun, or upgrading IE versions.

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by w2ktechman In reply to

also, **** away cookies and temp IE files, remove objects, change security settings.

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by brddog In reply to Debug error is bugging me ...

Your biggest problem is Windows ME. Format and reload with Win 98 or XP

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by Jack101 In reply to

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Problems started after re formatting hard disk. There were no problems with Windows ME earlier.

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by redgirlsback In reply to Debug error is bugging me ...

I too have had this debugging problem and did some research, here is what I have found and it worked, Good Luck, let me know if it works for you..

When your on the Internet from time to time you may see messages such as the one above appear on your screen asking you if you want to debug. Unless it's your website you are viewing (where you can fix the error in the script) the problem to fix is not yours.

To turn off these warning messages, in Internet Explorer select tools from the menu bar and go to Internet Options.

Once you have opened your internet options, click the advanced tab. From the menu find 'Disable Script Debugging' and put a check in the box next to it. Press Ok and you should not see any more warnings about script errors.

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by hwd007 In reply to

I had this problem also. i.e. error "object required was not handled" when testing my JavaScript in FrontPage.

After much fiddling around, I determined the cause was the placement of html code that defined a button on the web page and the automatic loading of a function I had written that referred to the button. The problem is that HTML documents code is processed sequentially unless diverted by the code itself into other subroutines.

Thus the code in the function was being run before the code that defined the button was run causing this error.

The solution was to move the code that defined the button, before the code in the function that referred to the button. After that the error went away, without me having to turn browser debugging off and in fact even turning browser debugging off, did not stop the error. i.e. Even with browser debugging off, a similar error came up.

So placement of code in the right sequence is critical, in HTML or ASP pages that contain other code like JavaScript or VBScript. i.e. code that refers to objects like buttons or labels or input boxes etc... needs to be placed so it runs after the code that was used to define such objects.

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