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    Decent IVA or powerful VMS options? Need your recommendations!

    by armarere665 ·


    I have a question for the experienced integrators here.
    I work in the security business, and recently I’m testing a few VMS software from the market.
    Some of them are very professional and some are just good to have, but nothing special.
    For IVA, I personally like BriefCam since the search function by conditions is incomparable.
    But I also noticed that if the user wants to add more video analytics functions to VMS, the total cost will be double or more.
    For example, if I use Nx plus BriefCam, the cost of IVA is much higher than VMS, and the final cost will be hard to accept by some regular business owners (I mean not big corporations).

    I wonder if there is any way to reduce the cost of the IVA like BriefCam besides buying a lot of licenses at one time to get discounts.

    Or is there any replacement for BriefCam (similar functions are fine)? I just don’t want to spend $300 on a single camera just for analytics, and I believe neither does my client.

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      What is IVA?

      by rproffitt ·

      In reply to Decent IVA or powerful VMS options? Need your recommendations!

      Be sure to define your acronym at least once when you start your discussion.

      If it’s interactive video analysis this is an area that I have yet to find to be CHEAP. Unless the app is basic and doesn’t do that much. For example, simple motion could be a cheap feature. Counting sheep? Going to cost more.

      -> Let’s say you are reselling said app. You would contact the company and arrange for better pricing or maybe a better version at the basic app’s price because you are going to sell their product over and over and over.

      If this is a one time deal, then you won’t have any leverage here.

      I can’t tell what research you did but when I look for replacements I use google or duckduckgo with the words. In your case the words are (without the quotes) “briefcam alternatives.”

      [b] Be sure to read [/b]

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      by cindy19851111 ·

      In reply to Decent IVA or powerful VMS options? Need your recommendations!

      I used to buy Briefcam until I found it’s quite hard to sell with other VMS. The function of Briefcam is impressive but just the price is too high for the end-customer to say yes. I switched to another vendor earlier this year and I think that’s what you’re looking for. Very compatible price, powerful functions, and it’s basically a combination of VMS and IVA.

      Google the name Skyrec or check There aren’t much to see on their website though, but there are some good review about Skyrec if you search online. Let me know if you need some demo.

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