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A bank's marketing staff realizes that check-processing data?which
banks too often purge after a short period (60?90 days)?could yield
valuable information about customers? loan-payment patterns and
preferences. The bank starts to retain these data using information
discovery tools running on an advanced parallel-processing system to
sort through checking account activity data to identify homeowner
customers who pay mortgages by check on the fifth, sixth, or seventh day
of the month. The bank targets those customers with a special home
equity loan to consolidate debts, with automatic payment for that loan
and the mortgage on the first of the month.
The bank uses datamining tools to study levels of activity by affluent
users over time in multiple channels: branches, automated teller
machines (ATMs), telephone centers, and point-of-sale systems
throughout all regions the bank serves. It then takes the analysis to a
second level: determining the profitability per transaction in each channel.
Based on this initiative, the bank undertakes a comprehensive
reengineering effort. Discovering that ATM and telephone banking are
increasingly active and profitable, the management decides to focus
resources and marketing efforts in expanding those channels. It decides
to close full-service branches with low activity but replaces some with
standalone ATM machines to continue providing customer service.
Because some branches are still highly profitable and heavily used,
management decides to expand the services offered at these locations.
In both situations, identify the DSS applications that are used.
How to lassify them according to the Alter scheme and according to the
Holsapple and Whinston scheme.

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by Blackcurrant In reply to decision support system


If you are going to quote verbatim, at least choose something that will make us laugh, or quote something exciting.

What are you trying to achieve here???

If anyone would like to see this, it is here:

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Look at the first point under notice: It states this should be original unaided work.


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