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    Dedicated gaming pc


    by chrmassey ·

    I am looking to just run a game on a pc, not load up windows, but start my pc in dos and type the command to load the game. the result i am looking for is similar to how a gaming console works; no operating system, no background tasks, just the game running on the pc so all the resources the pc has can be put towards the game.

    i’m not sure how well typed out this idea is. if anyone needs clarification, please let me know and i will try to make it more specific.

    any and all help is greatly appreciated.

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      by chrmassey ·

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      by jester james ·

      In reply to Dedicated gaming pc

      I’m assuming that
      A) This is an older game?
      B) There is no other operating system on the PC?

      Option 1: Well, depending how proficient you are with DOS commands, you can still download MSDOS.

      Option 2: Win98SE Small(relatively), mostly stable, and can boot to DOS.

      Option 3: I’m sure a flavor of linux could also do what you want.

      More knowledgeable folks welcome to chip in.


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      by jamesrl ·

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      If the game depends on Windows DX, there is no way to run that from DOS without running Windows.

      I have heard of software/service to run windows games on a linux PC, and apparently they run better. Here is an article that will explain:

      Of course there are old DOS games that run without windows but they look pretty dated today.


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        by chrmassey ·

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        Im running Windows xp and have no other operating system on my pc. My idea is to be able to run a state-of-the-art game, like the new Crysis, without the burden of background tasks or the operating system to suck down resources. Starting in safe mode would be an option i guess.

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          Good Luck with that.

          by jester james ·

          In reply to clarification

          Check your requirements for the game. That’s what you must have running. Safe Mode would probably disable a few of the required items in windows, but perhaps not.
          Using msconfig to disable the startup items may accomplish closer to what you desire.

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          by cmiller5400 ·

          In reply to clarification

          That safe mode only loads a very low end graphics driver, so your game will look like junk. Best bet is to trim down the services and running applications. If this PC is not going to be connected to the internet, then no virus/firewall software as well.

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          What you are dreaming of is an Impossibility :( …

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to clarification

          Crysis is a DX10 game.

          DX10 is the latest (not necessarily greatest though) graphics driver codes from M$, so won’t/can’t run without Windows (Vista definitely, XP possibly).

          You have an odd view of consoles in that you seem to think they have no operating system.

          Unfortunately in order for a game to be “state-of-the-art” it HAS to take advantage of the latest techniques and chips, all of which are part of the latest operating systems.

          The latest console games run on the latest consoles which have vastly different operating systems to the early consoles.

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          We need an OS

          by jamesrl ·

          In reply to clarification

          The advantage of the Linux OS os that its much less overhead.

          As the previous poster mentioned you do need a proper video driver to be loaded, as well as the DX drivers (which is part of the OS). I do know that the Linux Cedega works around this.

          I game a lot and what I do is kill all the processes I don’t need before I launch the game. This takes 30 seconds. One of the things that helps is to go to the windows task manager and kill the process tree instead of just the process. You can also go into MS Config and kill startups you don’t need.

          The suggestion for a VM session was a good one – you could strip out all the unneeded stuff for it(Network drivers etc).


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          by chrmassey ·

          In reply to We need an OS

          ya i realized that i made it sound like there was no operating system on consoles; yes i do realize this.
          i appreciate all of your help with this idea i had; what i was looking for was to maximize the resources sent to the game rather than background tasks and so naturally i thought of eliminating everything that wasn’t game related.
          about this virtual machine suggestion, what exactly can this do? ive heard about it before but never fully researched it and its possibilities

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          Virtual PC

          by older mycroft ·

          In reply to thanks

          MS used to charge for this program but now it’s free.

          You might as well download and run it – you’ll be better placed to ask questions about it once you’ve actually run it for yourself…. 😀

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          tried it

          by chrmassey ·

          In reply to Virtual PC

          and got the virtual machine to install and work, installed windows xp, however it wont let me install my graphics card drivers, so there goes playing anything that needs graphics

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