Dedicated test machine

By bnwy1 ·
I want to put together a testing PC that can run multiple spyware and anti-virus scans with the ability to scan multiple hard drives simultaneously as quickly and efficiently as possible. Any suggestions would be welcome.

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Well, you did post to Q&A,

by wizard57m_cnet Moderator In reply to Dedicated test machine

but so far few answers...I'll reiterate the virtual machine idea I had, something like
VirtualPC. The caveat is your host machine will need to be fairly stout...I'd say
minimum of 2 gigs RAM, 160gb HD, maybe even at least a dual core CPU.
As an alternative, you could find an older machine, and install your OS and
utilities (antivirus, antispyware, etc) on it, then setup a network where you give
the machine and its utilities access to others on the network, then run the scans
with the "targets" being the other machines on the network. Since you probably
would not be using this machine for other tasks, it wouldn't need a lot in the way
of horsepower to be useful...I'd say maybe 1 gig RAM, maybe 80 gigHD and
probably a 1.6 or 2 gHz CPU should be plenty.

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Dedicated test machine

by bnwy1 In reply to Dedicated test machine

The test machines specs will be roughly as follows. AMD quad core, 8gb of ram, with a partitioned 1Tb hd for the separate virtual machines. Would VMware be the way to go with the virtual machines or would you suggest another alternative. Also with the specs I mentioned how many VM would I be able to set up?

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