Deep Freeze Vs Anti Virus Vs System Restore ?

By jigneshdesai05 ·
This question is only for those who have used the Utility called "Deep Freeze" & also used the built -in function within Windows called "System Restore" .

In the event of a Virus Attack on a p.c. , which of the following would have the least damage on the files on the p.c. ? Please give reasons & explain your answer :

1) The p.c. is having Deep Freeze installed for the C Drive , so , when the person simply switches the P.C. on after switching it off , the Virus simply vanishes ! (Assuming it lodged itself somewhere in the C Drive ).

2) The p.c. is having a Good Anti Virus & this AntiVirus either automatically detects & removes the Virus or detects & removes the Virus when an On - Demand scan is run .

3) A Combination of the above two .

4) There is neither Deep Freeze installed nor any Good p.c. Security package . Upon sensing that there seems to be a Virus infection on his p.c. , the person simply restores the system back to a System Restore Point whose date he believes is before the Virus Attack .

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by Kenone In reply to Deep Freeze Vs Anti Virus ...
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Sniff - Sniff - I Smell Homework

by cmiller5400 In reply to Deep Freeze Vs Anti Virus ...

Here's a freebee: The path to enlightenment is often the dark road, that you need to light with your own torch and walk with your own feet. This dark road, doesn't have street lights but people on it that can refuel your torch.

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Hint: System Restore?

by seanferd In reply to Deep Freeze Vs Anti Virus ...

System Restore?!

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