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Is water really necessary?

by jaguar182 In reply to Deep Thoughts

With all the hype these days, about water on Mars, is water really
necessary for life? The way we understand life, yes. But why are the
experts so arrogant as to assume water is needed for ALL life. Why are
the experts so arrogant to assume we are the ONLY life in the universe?
If TV is any indication at all (the science fiction shows) and Sci-Fi
novels for that matter, then we are not alone. If you use the addage of
"When there is one, there are more", we can't possibly be alone in the
universe. How can we assume that life on earth is the only things to
evolve and flourish. If it happened here, on earth, it had to have
happened somewhere else. Our technology can't as yet, determine that
there are NOT other planets that could or do support life. Our experts,
and technology can't as yet determine that ALL life is based on water. What
about the history of UFO's, going back for many hundreds or even
thousands of years. How are they explained in terms of where they are
from? There have been thousands of sightings of UFO's and "Martians",
what are their planets like? Obviously their technology is better than
ours, how can you explain the space ships they use. But as the experts
claim, we ARE alone, at least they are open to the concept of life on
another planet. We just have to get them away from the concept of water
is the ONLY clue to life.

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What is with professional speakers NOT enunciating?

by jaguar182 In reply to Deep Thoughts

e?nun?ci?ate ( P )v. e?nun?ci?at?ed, e?nun?ci?at?ing, e?nun?ci?atesv. tr. <br />1. To pronounce; articulate. <br />2. To state or set forth precisely or systematically: enunciate a doctrine. <br />3. To announce; proclaim.<br /><br />For
many years I have listened to news casters, politicians, and other
noted public speakers butcher the english language. For some reason
they refuse to enunciate words and in my eyes, sound like idiots. I
don't claim to speak correct english 100% of the time, but neither do I
collect a paycheck for public speaking. I can underestand if the
speaker is reporting on a specific region, or dialect to use some of
the vernacular, based on the body of the story. But to listen to the
evening news, or to watch a TV commercial, and hear someone who is paid
to speak, talk the way they do. If they make a living with public
speaking, they should make an effort to learn to correctly speak so
they can intelligently get their message across. Some Nations like to
add letters, or remove letters from recognized dictionary words, and
the word almost loses it's meaning because of the enunciation, or lack
thereof. " 'Mericans, that live in Warshington, may ocassionally get a
leaky ruf, and they cans't afford to fix it, so they ast a famlly
me'ber, who works in a libary fo' the money". This is but a small
sample of what is heard on the News regularly. IF they were doing a
story that needed the previously mentioned vernacular, fine, but tune
in and really listen to your local news, and hear for yourselves, what
I mean. Another HUGE mistake right now on your local TV stations is the use of the word SANDWICH, there is no letter "M" in that word, yet I have heard it pronounced saMwich 3 times in the same commercial (from a prominent sandwich seller).

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Conan O'Brien, funny man or not?

by jaguar182 In reply to Deep Thoughts

Conan O'Brien of Late Night "fame", is scheduled to take over for Jay
Leno , in 2009 ( I have
watched a number of his (Conan's) shows on late night TV, and don't
find him in the least funny. He has inane habits, and over all is an
asinine idiot. His hair reminds me of the scene in "Something about
Mary" when she finds the "hair gel" and uses it on her hair. I am not
sure if it's the show writers, or just Conan's inept attempt at comedy.
The Late Show needs either better writers, or a host that is at least
funny. I am sure they use "laugh tracks" and liberal use of the
"applause" button. Craig Kilborn was a host that at least made the show
entertaining. His guests, are the only reason I stop to watch any of
the Late Show at all. When channel hopping, you know the shows, the
ones you hate, or dislike alot, you skip that channel as fast as
possible. I do that to the Late Show, unless I see a guest I want to
watch. As soon as the guest is done, I surf away from Conan the dope.
This is all of my opinion, and should you also agree, you can know that
at least one other person feels the same.

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