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    Me and a few others at university have been tasked with researching Deepfakes and their impact on society. Deepfake is a technique used for human synthesis based on artificial intelligence, which combines and superimposes one image onto another to create fake videos, some of which are very convincing. Can you please express your opinions on this subject?


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      Fakers Engineer AI For Impersonation

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      There has been recent chatter on the international stage regarding Deepfakes being used to sway elections, and seed discord. There have been example where people engineer ai to replicate people completely. Artificial Intelligence has been modded to suit personal and political gains…why does politics soil everything that it touches?

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        Russians Planning To Engineer AI For Election Manipulation

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        As it turns out, the Russians are back at it again! After massively shaking up many a key elections in the past, they are planning to engineer AI, and deepfakes to manipulate the USA 2020 elections as well.
        Let’s wait and watch how this would turn out.

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