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Deepnet vs. Firefox and EI.

By Whatme? ·
Has anyone tried Deepnet vs. Firefox etc.? I have tried it on a few of our production machines and it seems to work quite well. vs. Firefox and Mozilla. Everyone seems to gravitate to a "name" but I found firefox absolutely horrid. Deepnet seems ro be so much better than all. That being said, I would like the opinions of others who "have tried" it.

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Haven't tried

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Deepnet vs. Firefox and E ...

Deepnet, I must admit, nor EI for that matter.
What did you find horrifiying about FireFox ?

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Okay, is it a typo or a browser

by Oz_Media In reply to Haven't tried

In Canada, EI stands for Employment insurance (used to be UI) Unemployment Insurance.

I asumed the original was a typo, meaning IE, but with YOU doing it too, what am I missing?

I woud also be interested in what was HORRIFYING with Firefox. IE, well granted when you see how your can be tracked and hacked, but FF?

We often see the good points of FF, we get some who say they didn't like it, which is generally because of configuation mistakes or failure to find the appropriate plugins, but haven't seen anyone say it was horrible before.

Wot sux?

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Well I figured it was a typo

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Okay, is it a typo or a ...

but I was too polite to assume.

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by Whatme? In reply to Haven't tried

OK, maybe not horrifying. Just clumsy. Maybe I never got into it too well but I keep hearing great things about firefox and for the life of me, can't see what they are. I tried deepnet and found they had all the things firefox said they had but deepnet worked for me

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Well maybe I'll give DeepNet a go

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Firefox

but FF vs IE is a no brainer. Whar awkwardness your finding apart from thae fact it jibs about IE specific web pages I can't imagine.
The telling factor for me was I visited a selection of my son's fabvourite sites witn FF and most did not work at all, which considering his brwosing habits is a serious plus factor.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Deepnet vs. Firefox and E ...

I didn't gravitate to a name at all, what is a draw to the name FireFox?

I tred it because several people had suggested it was faster and less bug ridden. I didn't care for it and uninstalled it. A few weeks later ,VERY miffed with IE issues, I decided to give it another try and have been elated ever since, It's faster, cleaner and actually works, tabbed browsing is great now that I am used to it.

So, MUCH as you are now suggesting DEEPNET as an alternative, I was turned onto Firefox by suggestion from peers I trust, not by a name. It was SUPPOSED to be better, many people had said so and my problems went away, as promised, when I tried it.

If I now try Deepnet, would I be doing so because of a name? I don't like being trendy!

One thing you have failed to do though, is give me a compelling reason to TRY deepnet.
Why is it better than Firefox?
Why should I used it?
What will I gain?
Why is firefox HORRID in comparisson?

I could say Volkswagons are WAY better than Ferrari's, people who buy Ferrari's are just drawn to a name. Ferrari's are HORRID, I'd buy a Volkswagon.

Does it mean anything to anyone? NOPE!

WHY is deepnet better, what's wrong with Firefox?

Make a case with your claim.

Enquiring minds want to know.

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by Whatme? In reply to Gravitation

Obviously, horrifying did it. It got a few replies. Like I said before I tried firefox as well as others then tried Deepnet. I am not a sales person for the company and would leave it like a flash if it didn't work. I haven't tried it on a large scale but it is a possibility. I like its tabbed browsing better, its multiple start pages as well as its anti phishing, spam etc filters. Like both firefox and deepnet as well as others, one has to get into them a bit and experiment. I found at the time.. awhile back, that firefox didn't work well with WXP sp2. Maybe its better now but Deepnet works for me.
All I was asking... with all the hype on firefox, has anyone tried Deepnet and if they did, have they experienced problems? or good experiences?
I find we want to move from the microsoft standard EI or IE

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I can accept that

by Oz_Media In reply to horrifying!

That's a valid opinion, a little less ranty than your opening comments.

I was interested to see what someone had found so bad about FF and if so, what the **** does deepnet offer that's even better?

I really like FF, the second time I tried it and decided to play with it for half an hour to get used to it and set it up properly with my chosen extensions etc.

If there is something BETTER by people's opinion, I amhappy to hear more about it, don't get me wrong. As for IE, been there done that and unfortunately I was forced to buy the damn t-shirt because I didn't read the licence agreement.

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