Default font when the font isn't installed

By nolspath ·
One of our clients is having an issue where some e-mails that use a font that
does not exist on his workstation display the characters as musical notes. If
you copy and paste the contents of this e-mail in notepad you can see the
text. You can also do this in Word if you tell it to strip the formatting. If
you dont strip the formatting it displays the musical notes. This doesn't
seem to be occurring for other users, just this one. The issue doesn't just
happen with one specific font either. So far we have noticed it on the fonts
"Agency FB" and "Franklin Gothic Book" which he doesn't have either
installed. In the preview of the e-mail he can see the text of the e-mail.
The user has Windows XP Pro. Office Professional 2007 setup with unicode mode with Exchange 2007. All the latest updates
are installed. Here is a link to a screen shot of the photo.
Is there a setting somewhere that can define the default want to be used when displaying an e-mail that uses a font that doesn't exist? I'm only aware of the default fonts for new and reply e-mails as well as the current view.

Anyone have any ideas? Thanks.

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If the email contains an extraordinary font ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Default font when the fon ...

The problem lies with the SENDER.

That problem being that the message cannot be read at the recipient's end.

I don't quite see what the problem is (literally).

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I'd just view it as plain text

by seanferd In reply to If the email contains an ...

rather than a rich text.

Or install the fonts, if you want to cater to the SENDER.

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Doesn't happen for other users

by nolspath In reply to I'd just view it as plain ...

The odd thing is that this does not happen for other users which have the same setup and do not have these fonts installed. For them it just shows up with a different font.

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