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    Default Printer Problems


    by hereigo311 ·

    We have a teacher lounch at the school. We have 3 printers in that louch. Color, a black and white, and poster printer. I would like to set the print black and white to be the default printer on all 7 computers in the lounch. The problem is no matter what i tried, it changes for deferent user. Everyone has a roaming profile, but i use the gaprint command to install the printers on those computers. Teachers keep using the poster printer, over and over which keep wasting paper. Is there any way to force a printer to be the default for anyone that is using any of those computers.

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      Reply To: Default Printer Problems

      by rob miners ·

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      This should solve your problem.

      You will need the file con2prt.exe installed on each workstation. It can be found on the resource kit CD. Create a batch file to run on startup. EG:

      con2prt /f

      con2prt /cd \\”severname”\”printer share name” Black
      con2prt /c \\”severname”\”printer share name” Colour
      con2prt /c \\”severname”\”printer share name” Poster

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