Default save path for Windows Update or Service Packs

By T. Hans ·
Does anyone know of a way to change the save location for windows update and service packs from c:\windows\?

C: partition has 8GB - 5% free
E: user data partition has 500GB - 95% free

I have a very tight Local Disk C. It's only got 8GB of space and 5% free. Microsoft auto updates are killing me here. They default to C:\windows\$... If I remove the files, I loose the ability to back out updates. However, they are taking up 75% of the avaialble drive space on C.

Is there a reg hack, configuration change or 3rd party util that will allow me to change the default path for these updates?

I'd like to force them to the larger partition by default, if possible.

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here you go

by lowlands In reply to Default save path for Win ...

I would type it all up, but a link is shorter


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Permanent vs. temp of extraction point

by T. Hans In reply to here you go

Lowlands, thanks for your input. The KB that you shared shows me how to change the extraction point on an individual KB basis.

Is there anyway to make it a global change so that AutoUpdate will ...always... save to a different path?

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Why is your system partition so tiny ? ...

by OldER Mycroft In reply to Default save path for Win ...

Irrespective of Windows Updates or their relative Unin$tall files, Why don't you place your Hibernation and Pagefile(s) on the larger partition? That would save you at least 1.2GB.

Ruinning a system file with only 5% free space is asking for trouble. Have you noticed a slow-down in processing speed yet?

I would recommend repartitioning at some stage.

If you have 95% free on a 500GB HDD I'd recommend swapping them round, partitioning and then installing Windows on a much bigger partition ( > 30GB ).

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Previous Tech... an ID 10 T...

by T. Hans In reply to Why is your system partit ...

Thanks Mycroft. I'll check into moving the Pagefile & Hibernation files.

Do you have a quick how-to handy?

As to why was the sys part so small... The previous tech was released from service shortly after the server was setup because of some serious errors of judgement. This legacy is one of those errors... Needless to say I have some choice 'nicknames' for him...

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To move your Pagefile, I assume your using XP.

by ComputerCookie In reply to Previous Tech... an ID 10 ...

use this link,

How to move the paging file in Windows XP

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