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    Default Services?


    by tyharo ·

    I’ve posted about a problem I have when i log in and get a black screen before, I believe I have found a solution to it but I am still in need of some help. I have found that all the services that run at start up have been causing the problem but I cant find which ones are doing it. I know that its one of Microsoft’s services but if i disable all of them and only software services run it logs in quickly but my computer will not work correctly if I do so. Which services would I need to run so that my laptop will work correctly?

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      by tyharo ·

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      Your mileage may vary

      by robo_dev ·

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      Some services are needed for some applications, and some are not.

      Getting a black screen sounds more like faulty video drivers, hardware configuration, or power management settings. I would set the bios to default settings, look closely at what version of the video driver you are using, and make sure power settings are set to the defaults.

      An excellent guide about what services are needed, and which are not is here:

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        Reponse To Answer

        by tyharo ·

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        That could be it because my system has a problem where it cant sleep or else it wont restore the session (computer coma almost).

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      You can find you prior questions in your profile, just FYI.

      by seanferd ·

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      If you don’t have this problem in Safe Mode, then yes, it could be a driver or service causing the problem. After eliminating the obviously unneeded services as described at the link posted previously, you just have to experiment by disabling one at a time and trying. Same for drivers.

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