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Default setting for Services in XP Pro

By Aaron A Baker ·
A Question if I may;
When you first install XP Pro, it naturaly goes through all the steps and set's up the hardware such as sound card, VGA etc. Myquestion is,;
Is there a "Default Setting" for the Administrative "Services" area? The impression that I'm getting is that it seems to configure itself to the indivual computer dependant on the needs. Hardware setup etc.
Natrually it is possible, with Admin rights to make changes to the Services, however, I have always wondered if the in fact was a "Standard Default" Setting to the Services and if so, where could I get a copy of the file.
A lot of Good Techs have done Great Jobs of telling us how to turn off/on certain tasks for different things but no one has explained the entirety of it or the Default setting if there is one.
This is someting I would really like to know.
What is the Default Setting for the Services in XP Pro?
Hope you can help me with this.
Thanks in advance
Aaron A Baker

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by dmiles In reply to Default setting for Servi ...

Cut and paste the following address in address bar it gives a comprehensive guide to tweaking xp services

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by Aaron A Baker In reply to

Dear dmiles;
Thak you so much for the help. For a while there I thoght it was all in my head,hee. I shall certainly look up the site you mentioned.
I close in thanking you for taking the time to respond tome and help me solve the problem.
Warmest Regards
Aaron A Baker

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Default setting for Servi ...

Your impression is correct on each install the only form of Default Settings are those that actually work with the hardware it is being loaded on. There is no possibility of having a One Size works with all as even different Intel Chip Sets have different North/South Bridge drivers so at the very basic level the M'Board has to be driven correctly or nothing at all will work. Then you have to consider the different Chip Set M'Boards like Nvidia, SIS and the like as well these all require different drivers as well as the different CPU's. Here I mean Intel Pentiums Xeon's Italium and then there are the various AMD CPU's as well all with their own instruction sets and their own drivers.

The same applies to the Video although there is the standard PCI setting but other than that there really is no "Default" setting that can be moved from one computer to another and work.

Sound is a good example with a clean install of XP you either have sound or you don't depending upon the drivers required. Generally speaking the Sound Blaster range works on a XP install but
the AC90 and other sound chip sets doesn't.

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by Aaron A Baker In reply to

Dear Hal;
Thank you for taking the time and trouble to reply to me. I wasn't sure if I was imagening this or not. It seemed that was configuring itself differently everytime I put it on a different computer.
I close in thanking you for the help, at least now I know it's not all in my head, hee,
I read almost all of your postings, you're one of the best my friend.
Thanks for being there.
Wamest regards
Aaron A Baker

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by Aaron A Baker In reply to Default setting for Servi ...

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