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default theme for all users in XP

By dshaw19013 ·
I'm setting up a ghost image for my company and I want to have it so when any user logs in it has a preset desktop (IE:company logo on wallpaper, and standardized settings for all users.) The problem is that the only way I see XP allows you to do this is by setting up active destop and setting up a group policy in MMC. Unfortunately that will not work for me, because AD locks down the environment and we cannot have anything locked down here. Ive tried copying the Admin profile over into the all users profile is system properties\advanced tab, however that overwites the programs menu and gives users programs I don't want them to have access to. My question is...Is there a file in the All Users or Default Users profiles that allows you to set this up?

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to default theme for all use ...

You were close, but you need to create a new profile with a new user, set up the desktop as you wish and then copy that over the Default User profile.
Obviously this will only affect new users. For existing users you may have to either use GPOs or modify their desktops individually...

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by dshaw19013 In reply to

Although this is a viable alternative, unfortunately i does not work for my sittuation. Because I work at an animal research laboratory, we must adhere to a strict set of DISO regulations according to the government. Because of these strict government regulations, roaming profiles are strictly disalowed by the company I work for. Thanks for your suggestion though!

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by paul_almon In reply to default theme for all use ...

The suggestion was to copy over a user's profile to the default profile after it is setup the way you want it. Actually, all you have to copy are the two hidden files "ntuser.dat" and "ntuser.dat.log" from the profile you wish to emulate to the default profile. Keep in mind you must do this from a third profile that has administrator rights. Also, sometimes you may get the message about the files being in use. In this case just restart the computer and try again.

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by rescobar In reply to default theme for all use ...

Yes there is way to create a default desktop for and image. You have to do a clean Windows XP install and all software you need on you computer. Then you use go to my computer and enable the view option of all the hidden folder. When you have your desktop the way you want it then you copy and paste it to you default desktop folder in the Administrator profile. Then you use the gpedit.msc to setup you local profile policy for your computer so users won't to change the settings you want implemented. You also have to make changed on you registries which you can find on the Internet at Microsoft websit and goto and you can find all the answers to your questions. Then after you have fixed the image the way you want it, then you use syprep to reimage all the computers. Then you will have to change the name for every computer to you naming covention you use on each locaiton.

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by dshaw19013 In reply to

Thanks for the advice.

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by dshaw19013 In reply to default theme for all use ...

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