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Default User Profile:Server 2003 Domain

By jshoemaker21 ·
How do you change the default user profile in a Windows 2003 Domain? I wan't all users to get the customized settings when they log on. How do I do this, I forget. I know its very similar to XP but whats the differnce it has to be done aon a DC? Thank you

I would like all authenticated users to have the same Office settings, program settings etc.

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by jshoemaker21 In reply to Default User Profile:Serv ...

Shows how to do it, but I wan't the default user profile to apply to anyone logging in to the domain. THanks

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Same issue

by andrew.pagano In reply to KB

Morning shoemaker - I am trying to figure this one out too. I did it like 3 weeks ago, but have forgotten since then. I'll keep you posted on what I find - do the same eh :)

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Okay figured out my issue

by andrew.pagano In reply to KB

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Okay so my issue was related to the fact that I had my <All Users> account's start and desktop populated. So when I was testing yesterday I was actually getting the correct Default User profile copy, but it was not importing anythign from the all user's area - weird!?
Once I populated the default user profile with everything and gave permission to the <domain name>\Domain Users group (which you might have to set when it comes up with the check names screen; top most option - make sure it includes groups in the search), it worked nicely.

Let me know if this was at all helpful or if you think I omitted any crucial items in my set up prior to.

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by andrew.pagano In reply to Default User Profile:Serv ...

Sorry, I guess i miss understood the original issue. I am afraid that they would behead me if I were to get within 10 feet of the DCs. Sorry

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