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Default Windows XP Settings

By Benjamin ·
Hello all! I consider myself pretty experienced in the world of IT related problems but there is something which has been bugging me. I want the default view in Windows Explorer (Windows XP that is) to always and forever be list. I don't want XP to open the folder with the view it deems appropriate. I have looked in settings, downloaded power tools (thought Tweek UI would have the answer but didn't), read through several on-line forums, pummled through the registry (not in depth mind you) and still can't find the setting! This is an irritaion and not a problem and one I would love to fix. Be the first to provide the answer and/or link to some info. on the web and a hefty amount of tech points are yours! Thank you in advance. All the best.

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by wcp In reply to Default Windows XP Settin ...

Open only one Windows Explorer.

Highlight any folder. Choose View < List < Tools < Folder Options < View < uncheck ?Remember each folder?s view settings?.

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by Benjamin In reply to

Thank you very much for your answer. This was helpful but only half of what I was looking for. I thank you very much for your help though!

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by Blackcurrant In reply to Default Windows XP Settin ...


Try this:

Open My Computer, arrange the folder you are currently viewing as a list. Click Tools>Folder Options and select the view tab, then click the 'Apply to all folders' option in the Folder Views section at the top of the page.

Then you can choose to tell the OS not to remember your view settings as detailed by WCP, though this setting is located in the same place (directly beneath) the Folder Views section.

Good luck

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by Benjamin In reply to

THANK YOU! I feel a bit foolish now. I remember this from before. Forgot to follow the golden rule. Keep It Simple. I was going into folder options BEFORE I changed the view. Thank you very much for your help and your answer! Nice one! Take care and all the best.

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by RCOM In reply to Default Windows XP Settin ...

To do it open explorer or my computer and change to the type of view setting you want, then click on tools, folder options then view settings tab.

You need to uncheck remember each folders display settings. The click on apply to all folders. That should do the trick. You may have to play around with it a bit but it finally works. Then after that even if you change the folder to a different setting it will be back to the original way the next time you open it.

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by Benjamin In reply to

Thank you very much for your answer! As with Blackcurrant's answer, this was the step I was overlooking. I really appreciate you taking the time to help out. Take care and all the best!

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by Benjamin In reply to Default Windows XP Settin ...

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