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    defective hardware?


    by msittech ·

    Processor: AMD Athlon 850 ? Slot A
    Memory: 512mb (2 x 256mb 168 pin SDRAM NON-ECC)
    MBoard: Soyo SY-K7VIA
    Chipset: VIA KX-133
    HDD: Maxtor 40gb 7200RPM ATA/100
    Maxtor PCI Ultra ATA/100 IDE Card
    350WATT power supply
    OS: Win98 SE

    Every time I booted my system, a warning window opened stating the there was an error

    reading the system registry. Scanreg runs and tells me the registry has been repaired.

    I reformatted & reinstalled windows & kept getting the same thing.
    I replaced the hard drive, installed windows, updated my drivers and the loop is back again.
    Someone posted this exact problem on It turned out the problem was a

    defective Pentium Chip.
    So, I replaced my chip. I?m still having trouble. (after the system warms up)
    I removed the memory chips & swapped them one at a time ? didn?t help.
    When I looked for a registry backup file in sysbckup folder the only cab is
    I found the in the sysbckup folder and deleted it. Now it won?t go into windows

    at all. I get a message that some .vxd file is missing and I need to re-install windows.
    I started to reinstall windows and upon running scandisk, and there are lots of corrupted

    files in my windows directory.

    After I replaced the CPU. the problem didn?t happen until after the system had been on a

    whole, so I imagine it could be an overheating problem, but my CPU fan and power supply fan

    seem to be running fine.
    WHAT NEXT???

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      Reply To: defective hardware?

      by cg it ·

      In reply to defective hardware?

      try decreasing your memory from 512 MB. Windows 9X [including ME] has a memory addressing problem at or above 512 MB. The original MS article on this bug addresses the 512MB barrier and has since been revised to 1 GB in which Windows 98 boots to a blue screen with 1 GB of memory. See: Microsoft Knowledge Base Article – 311871 The information in this article applies to:
      Microsoft Windows Millennium Edition
      Microsoft Windows 98 Second Edition
      Microsoft Windows 98
      PRB: Blue Screen Appears When You Start Computer with 1 GB or More of RAM

      Though this article deals with 1GB a previous article deals with 512MB of addressable memory [if you want I’ll dig up the old one]. It’s a bug and MS wasn’t going to fix it. Windows XP and W2K do not have this memory limitation.

      If your running 2 sticks of 256MB just take one out then do a fresh install of 98 see if your problem goes away.

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      Reply To: defective hardware?

      by dmiles ·

      In reply to defective hardware?

      Check the BIOS setup to see if the processor is configured on the system properly,sometimes you will need to manually set the CPU and clock speed this may be causing the system to react in this manner,also check the motherboard manual,because AMD seems to run a little slower that the cpu installed in system

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      Reply To: defective hardware?

      by thechas ·

      In reply to defective hardware?

      I agree with DR, Windows 98 does have problems with large amounts of RAM.

      The bug is VERY configuration dependant.

      I have read results form benchmark test that show fastest performance with 196MB of RAM.

      I limit ALL my 9X boxes to 384MB.

      As to a potential over-heating problem, check that the CPU core voltage is set correctly.

      Is your CPU a Classic Athlon, or a Thunderbird?
      If it is a Thunderbird, that could also be the issue.
      Most motherboards with the VIA chip-set do not function properly with slot A Thunderbird CPUs.

      If the part number on the CPU starts with AMD-K7, it is a classic Athlon.
      If it starts with AMD-A, it is a Thunderbird.

      If you have a Thunderbird, replace it with a Classic.


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      Reply To: defective hardware?

      by jimmylee25 ·

      In reply to defective hardware?

      the memory is too much for the win 98 os
      the second thing is that only a server should have that amount of memory in the star topology network.
      reduce the memory to 256 reformat and load the win98 os clean for dust particles system should work fine.

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      Reply To: defective hardware?

      by montelski ·

      In reply to defective hardware?

      Test your hard drive also. This could be an intermittent problem with the drive corrupting files.

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      Reply To: defective hardware?

      by donmars ·

      In reply to defective hardware?

      DUMP 98, install W2K. After all the investment in replacement hardware, your move should have been to get rid of the now obsolete win 98 O/S. Do W2K or XP.

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        Reply To: defective hardware?

        by msittech ·

        In reply to Reply To: defective hardware?

        My system is up and running again. With new 512MB chip, 98SE, & new processor. I think it was a bad memory chip. I own both XP and 2K (XP is on my laptop) I stayed w/98SE because I was afraid on incompatibility issues w/ my CD writer, scanner and other hardware. Better safe then having to deal with all that again!

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