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    Defective Sata Hard Drive/disk


    by chintan.pathak ·

    i owned a samsung 80gb sata hard disk. Some days back while attempting to boot something went wrong, system didn’t boot(some smoke was detected). my first assumption was the smps was gone. In fact it had, i changed but the system still wasn’t booting. In fact none of the devices even smps & processor were working(not starting).

    Is this called a hard disk crash? I am ignorant when it comes to hardware.

    I even attempted to connect my hard disk as a slave in another system. after connection the attempt of a boot resulted in no response i.e. none of the devices like processor etc. were moving.

    The warranty on the hard disk has expired & i have some important data i want to retrieve. kindly guide me in this regard. i don’t want to throw the thing away. how should i approach the problem?

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      by chintan.pathak ·

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      Sounds more like a Power supply failure

      by oh smeg ·

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      Though depending on where the smoke originated this could apply to the M’Board, CPU, RAM or HDD.

      What you are describing is a Hardware crash not a HDD Crash which involved the Read Write Heads coming into contact with the Platters of the HDD and scraping off the magnetic material and making at the very least that section f the HDD unreadable.

      If you have access to another computer remove the HDD fit it to a USB Caddy and plug it in after the other unit is running. If the system then hangs the HDD has suffered some serious damage and this is where things get hard to work from.

      You can try replacing the Circuit Board on the HDD with one from an identical HDD and see if that works to recover your data. Even if it does you should expect to not have the use of the HDD for long or the Circuit Board either meaning that you loose the other HDD that the circuit board came from.

      If this doesn’t work your only option here is to consider just how important the data on the HDD actually is. If this is some Must Have Data and you don’t have a backup your only option is to send the HDD to a Data Recovery House for Forensic Recovery which is anything but cheap. The last one that I had to do this with was a 40 GIG 2.5 inch Seagate HDD and it cost $46,000.00 AU to get the data off the dead drive.

      Though if you shop around you might find a cheaper place but they will either take longer or not recover all of the data basically here you get exactly what you pay for so you have to be prepared for the big initial expense.

      Instead of allowing this to happen you should always backup Critical Data Regularly to some form of Media that is separate from the computer so that you can recover it easily when you need it. What you end up on deciding is your responsibility but everything has potential pitfalls, for example CD or DVD have a limited life expectancy and if there are pictures involved after a 5 year period in proper storage the images will be unviewable. I’m not sure just how long a DATA CD or DVD will last but I would be remaking them long before the 5 year period is up. Though on the up side this is a fast & cheap way to backup and you can make several backups inexpensively.

      You can use a External HDD to perform the backup but this is initially more expensive and if the same thing happens to the HDD you will be up for a similar price to recover the lost Data. On the up side you are very unlikely to have 2 HDD fail at the same time so you should have a working Drive to recover from and you can perform this quickly and very cheaply once the hardware is purchased provided that you don’t unplug the Drive while it’s running or drop it it should last a long time and be fairly reliable. Though if you change your OS to Vista the HDD may be unreadable to the new OS.

      The last option is Tape where you buy a Tape Drive and Tapes and make your backup to tape which is very reliable very secure but slow and has the possibility of being unable to read the tapes if you have to replace the hardware with different models as it’s possible not to be able to read the tapes in a new model drive.

      Lets know if you require any more information.


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