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Definition of a Hacker

Hi there. I'm a student just getting started in IT. I'm really interested in how people tend to find hidden gems in XP by using registry hacks. I have recently gotten my A+ Certification and have a few questions to ask. Like, what is your definition of a hacker and how does one become such a thing.

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to find gems

by w2ktechman In reply to Definition of a Hacker

start editing the registry and looking for the changes....

But watch out, as you could render the system inoperable.

My def. of a hacker is one who makes changes to code, or scripts, or through other means (like reg edit) changes the function of a program (either good or bad).

My definition of a cracker would be the same, except with malicious intent.

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O.K I get that much

Thank you for your reply. I also want to ask, how does one go about trying to hack the registry and have it perform the changes one desires? Like if I wanted a program to do something that isn't already programed into its code, how do I go about doing that in the registry?

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Many reg 'hacks'

by w2ktechman In reply to O.K I get that much

just change a value such as changing a 1 to a 2 to a 4, etc.. or to change a sentence, or add a value, etc..

A good place to start is in a book on the Windows registry. I got one many years ago about the NT4 reg. Since then I usually just look for the hacks I need and then create a .reg file to add it to other systems easily.

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Have a play

by Jacky Howe In reply to Definition of a Hacker

with RegSnap. Take a snapshot of the Registry. Install some software. Take another snapshot and compare the files. The output can be extreemly helpful.

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