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By jarman_mark ·
I'm trying to defrag my 30 Gb HD but keep getting error message not enough memory to defrag. defrag id#009

i have 512 Mb RAM and running an AMD 1300 Ghz CPu

Any ideas??

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Task Manager

by NKQX57A In reply to defrag

Before running Defrag:

1. stop all your applications.

2. use the Task Manager to end non essential processes.

3. go to your desktop proprieties and disable screen saver and power management.

Of course, this depends on your OS; the above should work for most Windows OS?.

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If no success

by paul.aaron In reply to defrag

If the previous suggestion did not work for you, go into your cmos setup and reset the NVRam!! Save the settings, restart and try your defrag again

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Or try this

by dudad In reply to If no success

I always run scandisk and defrag in safe mode. Safe mode only loads enough to run windows, this way nothing will interrupt these programs. To get to safe mode, on power up keep hitting F5, about once each second until you see the different screen. Select 'safe mode' and run scandisk first, then defrag. Good luck!

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