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By sherwindennis ·
I need to defrag my pc because of bad sectors, but it will take me long time to wait if i use the windows disk defragmenter.

Any other software you can recommend that could take shorter period of time to defrag?

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by Oz_Media In reply to Defrag

There are a lot of defrag and disk tools you can download from portals like or but they aren't neccessarily faster then Windows defrag. Patience, turn off the screensaver, shut down running processes or boot into safe mode and run it overnight. The longer you wait to do this, the longer it takes to run, you might want to schedule a monthly defrag for an overnight cleanup.

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by HereInOz In reply to Defrag

Norton Speedisk will do it OK if you are running Win 9x/ME.

One thing I would like to know is why do you need to defrag because of bad disk sectors. You need to run Scandisk or some other disk scan utility (Norton Disk Doctor, for one) and check the whole disk for bad sectors and possibly replace the disk.

Defragging the thing is not going to help you out one bit with the bad sectors.

Also, consider that when you are defragging a disk, the software needs to copy a piece of data from its current location to free space elsewhere on the disk, then assess what data needs to go in the space thus created, and then copy that data from its existing place on the disk to the space prepared for it. With all that data shuffling going on, is it unreasonable for it to take a while?? I think not. Also, given that you are moving data around your disk so much while defragging, is that something you want to be doing with bad sectors. Hmmm. I think not again.

Check the disk with scandisk or similar, and if the thing is not stable as far as the bad sectors go, turn it into an ornament and get a new one, real quick, and get your data off the old disk on to the new disk before you lose it - the data, that is.


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by TheChas In reply to Defrag

First, defrag will not take care of bad sectors.

If you are getting an increasing number of bad sectors, it is time to plan to replace the drive.

At a minimum, back up ALL critical files.

Then, run scandisk or chkdsk /f
Make sure that scandisk is set to repair errors.

The fastest running defragmenter that I have seen is VOPT from Golden Bow Systems.

You can download a trial version.

Still, when you run scandisk and defrag, I recommend that you boot into safe mode, and shut down all other active programs.
This reduces the size of the page file, and limits the chance of any disk access while defragging.


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by abubin In reply to Defrag

HDD having bad sector is the first sign for changing HDD. No point continue using it as your data will become very unsecure. The bad sector will spread to other places anytime.

Just change the HDD. It's not worth the trouble that you will get later such as data lost. Worst if it affected your windows system files and you end up unable to boot to windows at all.

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