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Defrag and Norton Speeddisk not logical

By tech_wiz03 ·
What in creation is the logic behind moving files all over the place at each defrag/speeddisk??

This has been bugging me for a while! You install all your programs cleanly on the harddisk organized in such a way that all files that never change are placed to the front of the partition.
(exe's & com's first)

When you defrag or use norton speeddisk it rearranges these permanent files based on last access rule with the myth that this will improve performance. IT DOES NOT! I can see if I added applications it could make a difference.

Is it possible to Defrag then go in and mark all the exe's and com's (at start of drive) as both readonly and unmovable to stop this??? Also why is the directories no longer sorted on the actual disk???


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by Kumaran In reply to Defrag and Norton Speeddi ...

The following URL should explain your doubts about frag / Defrag and what the utilities actually does:

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to

Thanx, I already know what a defrag does, I just don't like the unnecessary writing of the harddisk (hdd reads are less wear on the harddisk than writes). Thusly, if the first 5000 sectors contain programs which are unfragmented and have not changed then the operation of moving then elsewhere then moving back to the original 5000 sectors but in a different order is a waiste.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Defrag and Norton Speeddi ...

well, i think you are on to something myself. there is very interesting stuff on this at makers of diskeeper website. i think is executive software. if you google diskeeper you will find it. in years past they had outlined elaborate methods of 'really' organizing stuff by copying stuff off, formatting and copying stuff back on in certain order, as you mention. you will love their whitepapers. i say buy their product just so you can call them that alone is worth it. these guys are smart and customer service oriented and they put upper level folks on tech support frequently so chances of getting higher level engineer to help you is excellent. they don't mind you picking their brains. cacls experts. if you buy commercial version of diskeeper you will get directory and file table defrag capabililty. right after anti-virus this is the first thing i try to get folks with small business networks to buy.
(soapbox coming out)
i love/hate norton anti-virus. i hate norton utilities. in same category as CleanSweep (shudder) in my book

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to

Yes, checked out diskeeper. Sad news is it still doesn't allow locking files as unmovable and reorders them whether they need it or not. Current specs from Fujitsu, Maxtor, Western digital all rate their drives with 10,000,000 reads per 500,000 writes per sector, so my point remains reduce the number of unnecessary writes will improve hdd life.

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by reefurbb In reply to Defrag and Norton Speeddi ...

Obviously you are not entropically fragmented if you don't add applications, as most people do. The increased speed comes from the hard drive arm not having to move physically as far to access some data. Norton Speed Disk places lesser used data at the end of the hard drive for the same reason. Part of the benefit is increasing the useable life of a hard drive.
What directories are you trying to sort? Also what OS are you using?

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to

I do add programs but not to the main partitions. All that sits on my win98 (c:) or win2K (e:) partitions is the op system itself. Drives (f:) and (g:) are swap space only (h:)(i:)(j:) are shared apps/win98 apps/win2k apps respectively and (d:) is data. (c: d: e:) experience highest volume of fragmentation. Registry, ini, and logs comprise the majority of fragments on (c: and e:)

When i am in windows of course it shows sorted directories but when I run some dos they are unsorted. Years ago Norton had a directory sorter which sorted dir's for use with dos. Now this is somewhat of a on the fly process by windows explorer.

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by tech_wiz03 In reply to Defrag and Norton Speeddi ...

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