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Defrag Disaster

By Jay of VA ·
Last evening I started a defrag of the 160 Gb hard drive of my primary computer. This morning, the computer was comotose and nothinhg I could do would kick it into operation. after futzing with it for far too long, I attempted to turn it off. Not even that would work. Finally pulled the plug (success), but now it will not boot. I've atttempted fixboot and fixmbr without any improvement. And after years of snipping at people to make regular backups, I haven't lately. Any help on recovery will be most gratefully accepted.

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by zlitocook In reply to Defrag Disaster

Dose your BIOS see the drive? Have you tried booting to the XP cd and do a recovery? If you have room you could load a second copy and move the data that way. Check all the cables and re seat them. When you power up what happens? Do you get the screen that shows the memory, hard drives, any on boot up? You could down load the hard drive makers test tools, to see if the drive is ok.

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by ccthompson In reply to Defrag Disaster

Ive always had good luck with the repair utility on the Windows XP CD. When you first boot from it, it asks to repair the first time, skip this one and work your way to the screen that shows your partition.

Here is where you can delete or add partitions, but you also have the option to repair once again. THis seems to re-copy the main windows files and seems to help a screwed up system when it wont boot.

Hope this Helps!

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by chris.langley57 In reply to Defrag Disaster

If you can't get to your data any other way then try BART PE. I've been using this for a while now and it has saved me a lot of trouble, often helping to fix dead systems and recover data.

You can boot a thin client of XP from CD and have access to the hard drive and use a GUI file manager, run check disk, and carry out HD tests etc. Although this environment isn't plug and play, if you plug in a USB memory device before booting up it will be recognised so you can copy your data off that way.

To get a copy you need to go to:

Download PE Builder and create your bootable CD from your own licenced legal copy of an XP CD.

Good luck

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