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defrag exchange 5.5 database

By uji ·
my exch server 5.5 gives intermittent problem. User sending email will take quite some time to receive it.I know I have to defrag my priv, pub and dir database because ever since I installed the exch, I never do any defrag until the problem arises. I read the article in technet - How to Defragment with the Eseutil utility (Eseutil.exe) but I also read about the problem that may arise if I defrag the database, the info store might gives a problem.
I do not have a proper backup software to backup my exch. I just copy the dir.edb, pub.edb and priv.edb and the logs (I enabled the cirvcular logging) to another server.
Does anyone ever had any experience defrag the database and don't have any proper backup? Just afraid that my info store givesproblem while doing the defrag bcos I don't have a proper backup software.

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defrag exchange 5.5 database

by curlergirl In reply to defrag exchange 5.5 datab ...

I have done this many times and have never had a problem. However, what you want to do is make an off-line backup of your exchange databases first. This is essentially what you are doing when you copy the .edb files to a separate server. You needto stop all Exchange services, make a copy of the databases and then do your defrag. After the defrag, copy the defragged files back to the server and restart the services. If you follow the directions in the tech article exactly you should have no problem. Since you don't have any backup software that will do an on-line backup of the Exchange databases, I would advise doing an off-line backup on a regular basis anyway. In order to do this, though, you have to stop the Exchange services while the backup is running. I used to do this by using a batch file to stop the services just before my regular backup would run, and then include the files in the regular backup, then have a batch file to restart the services after the backup was finished. I was able to schedule all of this so it backed up Exchange every night. Of course, it was in a situation where there was no night shift or any reason to have to keep Exchange running all the time. Hope this helps!

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defrag exchange 5.5 database

by uji In reply to defrag exchange 5.5 datab ...


So, I should shutdown the service first,manually copy all the database and directory to another server then do the offline defrag.Since the server has inadequate disk space, I should defrag the database to another server(let the new compacted database be in another server). Just to be on the safe side, is the command line should be like this?
c:\winnt\system32> eseutil /d /ispriv /tm:\tempdfrg.edb /p

m:\tempdfrg.edb - is the network drive that I mapped to another server.

/p - I just want to retain and preserve the orig uncompacted database in its original location but it also says that this command stores the new compacted db in the default file exchsrvr\bin\temdfrg.edb (but since i use the /t command I assume it will notstores the new db to the default dir)

if the defrag succeed, should I delete the orig database and copied the new compacted database to the folder where the orig db resides?(I have to rename the new db to priv.edb)

and if it fails, can I justrestart the service back and everything goes back to normal? I assume it because the command line retains the orig db ....

it also says that I must have free disk space 110 percent of the size database being process. Since I am compacting the db to another server, is it safe to assume it is ok if my orig server have inadequate disk space but the new server where the new db will be compacted must have that 110 percent of free disk space?

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