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    Defrag Small Business Server


    by pmwpaul ·

    I’ve got a MS Small Business Server 2003 that recently lost it’s power supply. I replaced the power supply but noticed it seemed to take a really long time to boot up. Ran chkdsk and found three bad clusters. Ran defrag but I’m left with over 50% total fragmented.
    Is this an issue with the server not being willing to move a file in use? If so, can I run defrag from a DOS prompt? (It’s NTFS) Or am I looking at a HD that the power supply has damaged?


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      by pmwpaul ·

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      Anything in notification or logs?

      by seanferd ·

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      As to why defrag stopped? If it is because certain files are in use, I’d take it out of production, boot it in safe mode with everything unnecessary disabled, then defrag.

      If defrag is failing because there are still disk errors, do the same, but have it chkdsk chkntfs /c at boot. Save logs to be sure what is happening. Go for verbose, make the logfile larger if necesary, maybe force it to unmount the disk.

      I’m sure someone with more server experience will have other ideas. Good luck.

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      Bad clusters is not a good sign

      by rob miners ·

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      I would be looking at replacing the drive as it is probably going to fail. Keep an eye on the Motherboard as well as failing PSU’s can do a lot of damage.

      From a command prompt type in defrag C: -f

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