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Degree but no experience

By abrann ·
I have a B.S. in Information Sytems. The program basically touched on several areas, such as networking, programming languages, database management, etc. I unfortunatly have no practical experience. I have no idea what to do next. There are veryfew entry-level positions in this field. Any suggestions?

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Here's my take on your situation

by Zen37 In reply to Degree but no experience

First of all, may i say, congrats on getting your B.S.

Second, you have to find a field to specialize in. Which aspect of your course excited you the most? Which homework did you love to do? That will help you find the field you want to concentrate on for your career.

Third, try your best at getting an entry level position in that field. Now at this point, depending on the company or the position you apply to, your B.S. might not help you here, it might even be a negative. Don't pushthat aspect too hard at first, unless the employer shows interest in it.

A B.S. won't help you much in the beginning but will be very valuable in the future. Of course, you could maybe find a job as a IS manager in a small company. But if you don't start from the ground up, you won't make a good manager in the future. My suggestion, get your hands dirty first, then go for the management positions.

I on the other hand have 8 years experience but no degree. I am respected in my field for being very knowledgeble, but i know i will never be higher than a manager in my career path. Because i have no degree.

So good luck with your career and remember, no matter what you may think of the company, for them, you're just an expendablecommodity.

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Degree but no experience

by youapaw In reply to Here's my take on your si ...

Been there done that. Not a BS but plenty of schooling and nowhere to use it. Don't dispair and believe it or not a lot of prayer and God will show you the way. It may not be what you expected, but be open to opportunities and you can get there from where you are. Take it from someone who finally got a break!

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use networking

by utken In reply to Degree but no experience

I too was a fresh graduate 1 1/2 year ago with similar degree and no experience. I found that the jobs advertised online/newspapers were too demanding as they were mostly interested in experienced candidates. Fortunately, I was referred to the job as a Computer support person via a friend. My point is: talk to people you know about your job search. You'll be surprised what others might come up with. Good luck!

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Here is what I did!

by mev2000it In reply to Degree but no experience

I am a career changer with a B.A. Liberal Arts Degree.

Two years ago I went to tech school and took A+, Net+, Microsoft Classes, etc. While in school I worked as a volunteer in my wife's school. My advisor at the tech school had part-time job offerings for additional experience. An in-law who knew what I was looking for got me an introduction at a local school district. From there I have moved up to my current job.

If you are out of school you may think of also starting out with a big firm too like Fidelity Investments or Proctor and Gamble. Big firms do hire college grads on occasion without experience. Remember, each job you have is a step to the next one!

When you do volunteer or start employment at a school district, your work speak for yourself. Guess how many people in a position to hire good candidates like you send their children to your school district?

This approach is not for everyone, especially for financial reasons.

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