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degunk crapware fall out

By kh_aussie ·
I worked with the suggestions and all worked well until (why is there always an ?until??) I started getting an error window after a successful startup titled ?Toshiba Mobile Extension.? The error itself is '?Toshiba Common Modules" did not work, ?Toshiba Mobile Extensions? service failed to start.'
I have Googled the problem, as well as contacting Toshiba with no luck at all.
It is no more than in inconvenience, but I would like to sort it out, so I don?t have to click ?OK? every time I start the computer. The problem doesn?t seem to affect any programs (so far, anyway).

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RE: why is there always an ?until??)

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to degunk crapware fall out

Well generally speaking you don't need to ask questions when everything goes well. It's only when things fall to bits and don't work right that you need to ask.

I'm not entirely sure what you have done here but I would suggest Backing up your Documents & Settings and then doing a clean new install from the Recovery Disc that you either made from this system or the Disc that came with the computer when it was new.

You have obviously got some cross linked files here or some missing files relating to some of the Toshiba supplied software.


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Solution discovered

by kh_aussie In reply to RE: [i]why is there alway ...

Wow, philosophy AND a solution! Thank you.
I had been closing programs a half dozen or so at a time (to make it easier to find the culprit in case of the Blue Screen of Death). Since I posted my query, I continued with the unchecks. The problem sorted itself out. My guess is that one of the remaining checked programs called on the Common Modules program, which was no longer running. By continuing with the unclicking, that program was also not starting, so no problem!
Thanks again for your help and prompt reply (12 minutes after I posted the query!).
PS It seems that many Symantec (Norton 360) files cannot be unchecked, and Acronis files are the only ones that cause the BSoD. Is that consistent with others? findings?

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Regarding Symantec

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Solution discovered

That's fairly normal as it's supposed to run all of the time. If you can stop it it's not a very good AV product.

Not sure about Acronis though.


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