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DEL, go back to your sandbox and put your head back in its hole until

By Duke E Love ·
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You are a retard

by Duke E Love In reply to DEL, go back to your sand ...

Even in the face of compelling information from reliable sources you stubbornly hold onto beliefs that have no basis in reality.

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There are two points to all my messages, and you never answer one and

by Deadly Ernest In reply to You are a retard

often answer the other with personal abuse.

1. May initial post was ALL about testing the site's ability to be used and taking into account different ways users set up their web browsers - which is what the original blog I was responding to was all about. You have not yet addressed that at all.

2. I mentioned certain security measures being recommended to people by law enforcement agencies which included denying third party cookies and third party scripts. As part of that I mentioned I set up to deny the use of certain third party scripts such as Google apis.

You jumped on this and have since become very enraged that I should do this and act as if by doing so I'm committing a major crime. There is NOT a single action done by a Google api that can NOT be done by having that same api, or a similar one, placed on the same server as the website and called as a part of the main site script calls; but this seems to be a physical impossibility for you or something you see as impossible to do. I can only assume that you do not bother making them local apis due to laziness on your part.

In some of your responses you have resorted to personal abuse and name calling, in others you quoted a couple of references and claimed using third party apis is best practice (as stated by them) - in doing so you seem to refer to them as an ex cathedra authority. In that regard you act a lot like the priest who abused Galileo and Copernicus about their concepts of how the solar system worked because the best practice of the day was the idea everything revolved around the Earth because the Pope said so.

Well, I got news for you, if people are blocking third party apis then setting up websites to use third party apis and third party script calls for them can NOT be best practice. You have yet to provide a sane, logical, or reasonable excuse for why it is impossible for you to place those third party apis and Google apis on the local servers; I suspect this is because there is none.

The main use for which third party script calls, including many of the Google apis (and other third party apis) is to deliver advertising to the user's browser and the main concept behind blocking the third party scripts and apis is to stop the delivery of advertising to the browser. Yet you seem very dead set in insisting people allow this process to operate freely. I can only assume your love on pushing advertising to people must be based on an income you derive from doing so.

We've now been around this tree several times and all your posts come back to the basic statement that you think it's wrong to block third party script calls, third party apis, and Google apis. I got that message the first time you said it, but you've never added any logical or sane reason for it.

Please let me know when you care to make a response on the original subject matter in relation to testing websites for unusual ways people access or use them, and only when you you do get around to replying to that. I'm not interested in any more repeats of your broken record on enforcement of your love of ads.

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by Duke E Love In reply to DEL, go back to your sand ...

Your're still an idiot.

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well, I'd rather be an idiot than a spammer like you - as

by Deadly Ernest In reply to YHBT HAND

idiots have a life and spammers don't.

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To be honest...

by Duke E Love In reply to DEL, go back to your sand ...

When I have a crappy day I come here to kick you because you are one of those retards that think that they know what they are talking about and will argue to the death to prove they are right. Thanx for playing. Thanx for being my punch dummy and whipping boy and *****. You played the role well. I am an asshole. I have my reasons. Sorry to bring you in to it but I could not help it. But... Google API? For real? I am sorry but that is just retarded.

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So I block Google apis to stop advertising spammers and like you,

by Deadly Ernest In reply to To be honest...

I'm not the only one that does it, so get used to it.

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Lay off

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to DEL, go back to your sand ...

all the petty name-calling. I hate when I have to raise my scepter.

Previous iteration moved because it was in the wrong place.

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yes, ma'am -nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Lay off

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