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Delay in Typing - Software? Hardware?

By moon ·
My problem is with MS Office (I tried both Office 97 and Office 2000 (currently left 2000 on it).

Problem: When typing in Word or Excel there is a delay. Not ALWAYS, but frequently.

Example: If I type "This is a test"; the "This is" types, then the hour glass pops up for a second or so, then it will finish the sentance. This is a problem whether you create a new document or open a new one. In Excel it will either delay in finishing the word or pause when "tabbing" between fields. Each time the hour glass "pops" up for a second or so then back to normal. There are no delays when working in other programs -- example, IE, Paint, Adobe, Etc.

I just replaced a Win98 machine with a WinXP home machine. Everything (Office 97, Our specialized software, IE and Windows OS) ran fine on the old machine (PII 400MHZ 128RAM 10GB HD). The new machine is a 2GHhz P4, 256RAM, 40GB HD.

At first I thought this was a Hardware issue. Tried everything: replaced RAM, increased RAM, changing from a PS2 to USB keyboard (someone thought maybe a bad PS2 port), etc. Went so far as to return the first 2Ghz machine and replace it with a new one. The 2nd "new" machine is now doing the exact same thing as the first one.

The only "major" change besides OS that we can think of is that the standard monitor was replaced with a 17" Flat Screen LCD monitor.

Hopefully I have given enough info. Please any help is appreciated.


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by moon In reply to Delay in Typing - Softwar ...

Point value changed by question poster.

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by DKlippert In reply to Delay in Typing - Softwar ...

If you're using Norton Anti-Virus, disable the Office plug-in but make sure that NAV's
AutoProtect is enabled.

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by moon In reply to

I've done that. Thanx though.
Also have disabled/uninstalled Office FastFind.


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by w2ktechman In reply to Delay in Typing - Softwar ...

WinXP likes to use a lot of RAM. I see you have 128 Mb installed, this is barely enough for XP. Install more RAM and it should perform much better.

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by moon In reply to

Typo on my part. Should say 256MB Ram. Adding Ram was one of the things I tried prior to posting (512) that should be enough for office and xp. Next idea????

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