delayed cold boot graphics display but ok on warm boot

By derek22 ·
Recent problem is that on a cold boot the graphics do not appear on screen for several minutes and gets longer each day. The os is operating normally and stops and waits at the first point where input is required. Same for Windows XP or Linux.
Monitor has been excluded so do you think that this is a failing component on the graphics card or the motherboard. Have updated BIOS and drivers. On a warm boot everything works normally.

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Could be neither

by robo_dev In reply to delayed cold boot graphic ...

Some motherboards have issues with not resetting the PCIe bus properly, particularly if certain power management settings are set in bios.

First try turning off power management in Bios and pulling/reseating the video card.

On warm boot the PC may not reset the PCI bus completely.

I would think that it's the PCI controller circuit on the motherboard has a leaky capacitor so that it only works after the circuits have come up to temperature and the capacitors are fully charged.

Could also be marginal power supply. If you can see the various voltages in BIOS, make sure they are within spec. I assume you are not over-clocking?

Note that this is a common problem with certain GigaByte mobos:

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Reponse To Answer

by derek22 In reply to Could be neither

Thanks robo_dev. It is an Asus motherboard and not overclocked. Voltages appear to be within limits and I have tried turning of power options on BIOS and refitting graphics card + checking all power connections all to no avail so it appears that your comments about a leaking capacitor is probably correct.

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