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    delayed delivery problem


    by afram ·


    Having a problem and not sure where it is:
    We are running IMAIL v8.13 on windows2000 server.

    Incoming email works fine.

    On occasion, SOME outbound emails can take 12 hours to be delivered. There are no bounced/delayed/retrying messages and other email is delivered within seconds. This happens for mutliple senders and multiple recipients. The emails are small text messages with no attachments. Nothing unusual in the log files.

    Tech support says the mail server is functioning properly and the ISP reports the DNS settings are OK.

    We have plenty of bandwidth and have no other Internet related problems.

    What could cause such a large delay in outbound email?


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      by bfilmfan ·

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      Is it the same domains reporting errors for delivery?

      I would say that as an issue with bandwidth or the mail servers in that domain.

      Or different domains at different times?

      That’s a bandwidth issue from your ISP. Every ISP oversells their bandwidth, unless you have a contract specifying a Committed Information Rate (CIR).

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        by afram ·

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        There are several different destination domains where email gets delayed. But not all mail to any of those domains is always delayed. For example, someone sends several emails to a particular domain throughout the day. None of them arrive until the following day. On that following day, the same user sends another email which is delivered immediately to the same domain.

        We have a full T1 for data merged with a business DSL connection (bandwidth sharing provided by firewall). Our internet usage rarely reaches 15%. I put a packet sniffer on the email server and didn’t find anything unusual.

        Also while some emails were delayed, other emails are being delivered immediately.

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