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    Delayed Printing


    by amcpherson832 ·


    I use a Canon TS5100 Series inkjet printer and Windows 10 on a new Asus laptop. When I click the print button the first thing that happens is a message telling me that my printer is offline when it is not offline. The document is printed about five minutes later. Any suggestions?

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      Re: printing

      by kees_b ·

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      – How is the printer connected to the laptop, via USB or via WiFi?
      – Did this new laptop still come with Windows 10? I’d think new laptops only come with Windows 11.
      – Where did the drivers you installed for this printer come from?
      – Does the same thing (5 minutes delay) happen if you use it for scanning in stead of printing?
      – Did the same thing happen on your old laptop?

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        Delayed Printing

        by amcpherson832 ·

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        Thanks for your response.

        • Supplied with Windows10 and free upgrade to Windows 11
        I upgraded, had a few problems so returned to Windows 10
        • Drivers came from Canon website
        • No delay with scanning
        • Didn’t happen on old laptop
        As I couldn’t remember if I loaded drivers before or after returning to Windows 10, I have reloaded the drivers but this has not resolved the problem. I had to use a USB cable to complete the driver installation as the Canon software couldn’t located the printer wirelessly even when the printer showed wifi as online

        More possible clues – Connection Status Report Presented mostly in red because of mismatches on all but two lines on the Printer Connection panel – Wireless Router Strength and Password for Wireless Router both shown as matches. Another thing I noticed in the Check Connection Status report is that the Wireless Router Standard for the computer is shown as 802.11ac and for the printer 802.11n – is this OK?

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        Reply To: Delayed Printing

        by amcpherson832 ·

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        Another point I noticed in the connection report is that the router is using channel 36 and the printer is using channel 11 – is this OK?

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