delete all personal information and software

By CDS100 ·
Started with blue screen error messages, crashed often then completely dead. I want to delete everything I have entered on computer before returning to dealer. I don't want to buy any software or service, would like to know how to change something internally to delete all, don't care if it removes all factory settings. It's a laptop dell N7110. I've installed installed router, office, aol mail, banking info, etc.

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Changing something internally not possible unless you mean the HDD itself

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to delete all personal infor ...

You can always replace the HDD with another one and that will guarantee the removal of all your Personal Data though it's going to be a lot more expensive than buying a bit of Free Software/

You can use Boot & Nuke to erase the HDD which is a free option and very good

Or a slightly faster option and not quite as good is Kill Disc DOS

Both are free to download and use.


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Reponse To Answer

by CDS100 In reply to Changing something intern ...

Sounds like a good idea but how do you download something when the computer is completely dead. It can not be turned on, con not be booted up, no lights, no nothing. Thanks for your efforts.

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Re: totally dead system

by Who Am I Really In reply to delete all personal infor ...

if the system doesn't / can't boot because other hardware failure
you can install the HDD into another system and use the DBAN / Kill Disc software suggested in the post by OH Smeg

if you don't have access to another system that the Disk can be attached to
then you're pretty much hooped without first solving other hardware problem causing the no-boot issue


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