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Delete Domain profiles

By jerry_davis ·
We have a multi site domain that have rather slow links so we do not use roaming profiles. Has anyone ever seen a program or script that can delete the domain profile from the client machine? We have hundereds of users that use each client over the year and every year different users sign on. I want to try and clean the client machines once a year but have not found a way to do it yet.

Thanks in advance.


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by jonno112 In reply to Delete Domain profiles

Have you thought about using symantec ghost? You create the image on one of the systems, on each system will be a tiny partition this inturn puts all these systems of yours into a console. Once in the console one click and your back to your original image. This will remove your domain profiles and have the one you want setup on each system.

Once every four months i send the image to over 120 systems to clean out the kids crap when they come back from holidays all new again. They can start trashin again.

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by jerry_davis In reply to Delete Domain profiles

Ghost will ont work as we have over 4000 client stations. This would cost too much to implement.


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by Gigelul In reply to Delete Domain profiles

I don't see a script like you want. If you can define all conditions/requirements the script can be made:
-what domain (WinNT, Win2k)
-what OSs the workstation have?
-do you use a login script?
-do you wish to delete all domain user's profiles stored localy or you must keep some of them?
-user authentification in domain: over this slow link or do you have in each site a DC/server?
-do you use more than one domain?
-do you wish to keep some documents, etc. from the profiles which will be deleted.
Depends by your answers to these, the script can be as simple as "delete" or very complex.

Maybe you must look to find a solution to use roaming profiles (the roaming profiles saved on a local server for each site) and set the policy to not keep local copies of domain profile.

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by williamoshea In reply to Delete Domain profiles

There is a utility in the windows 2000 resource kit called delprof.exe (or delprof2k.exe that allows you to delete the profiles. I call this up using a script...(start \\servername\sharename$\delprof2k.exe /q /i /d:7) with it i can set the age of the profile to be deleted etc, really useful. Can mail you the file if you have difficulty finding it. Remeber the script has to be run by a user with admin rights to be able to remove user profiles. good luck

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by jerry_davis In reply to

That did the trick.


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by jerry_davis In reply to Delete Domain profiles

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