Delete files via dos or program which is best

By rpradel ·
I have 245,142 files to delete on a Novell network.
Wanted to get ideas if deleting via a batch file is better then deleting the files via a program?
In some tests that I ran it looks like there is a limit that dos can handle but not sure?

Any ideas are welcome.

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del *.* / rmdir

by In reply to Delete files via dos or p ...

I am going to guess that because you want to use a batch file that these files stored in more than one directory with multiple levels deep. As far I am aware there is no limit to how many files DOS can delete, however, I haven't worked in true DOS in quite a few years.

Depending on which version of Novell you are running, I would probably delete all of the files using a Windows client. If this is something you need automated, then a batch file would do the trick. If you are familiar with the old-school "deltree" command, you can accomplish the same result using rmdir /S [drive:\directory] to delete an entire directory structure.

Be careful with this command - if you need help with creating a batch file, reply back.

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by seanferd In reply to Delete files via dos or p ...

Are you actually referring to DOS from a non-NT version of Windows? Or do you mean the command environment, which hasn't been DOS since Win ME? There isn't any limitation on the command line that doesn't apply elsewhere in the Windows OS.

If it actually is DOS, I'd definitely use something else.

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