Delete MSN Gaming Zone

By cabanks ·
I am trying to delete all the MSN software that came per-installed on my Hewlit Packard PC (I don't want to buy it). I successfuly used add/remove to get rid of 3 MSN packages. MSN Gaming Zone is not listed in add/remove. Everytime I physically delete the files from the Program Files folder, 1 minutes later they're BACKKKK...all the files reappear in the directory!! no kidding!!!! How do I delete these files?

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Just did that exercise

by Tig2 In reply to Delete MSN Gaming Zone

Go to and download a copy of C Cleaner. Install without the Yahoo toolbar. Delete Gaming Zone from all user profiles and then delete the folder it is in. You may have a folder called "Common Files" in your Programs folder. If you see a folder for Gaming Zone in it, delete it.

Before you reboot, run C Cleaner. It will ferret out the registry tails (things left behind in the registry). If you clean them one by one, you will see that all you are getting rid of is old hooks for programs that you have uninstalled.

Once you have run C Cleaner, reboot. MSN should now be a thing of the past, never to haunt you again.

Good luck! Let me know how it goes.

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thank you and why do they do this...

by cabanks In reply to Just did that exercise

I will try this solution tonight and let you know tomorrow if I succeeded.
Half of the software that came pre-installed on my Hewlitt Packard PC is software I have to pay for before I can use it and I am not interested. Deleting it is tedious and time consuming. Something is causing my CPU to run at almost 100% usage, now I have to Restore my PC (for the second time) and the HP restore brings back all of the software I have just deleted.

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I feel your pain

by Tig2 In reply to thank you and why do they ...

My partner bought an HP in July. Took me 8 hours to clear it completely of garbage and install appropriate utilities. I just got a new one last month- same story. And we got one for a family member. Still working on that one- it's missing a driver.

They do it so that MS and others can make money. If you were to use your pc just as it came out of the box, all that trialware becomes your default. It isn't the IT sector they are aiming at, they must know that we clear this ca-ca.

You noticed that you had Works installed but also had a trial of the newest Office. Kill the trial Office, make sure that if Wild Tangent is still around it is because you want it, make a back-up of the CCleaner install.

My method. Install CCleaner. Use Add/Remove to kill everything you don't want. Run CCleaner in both the Cleaner and Issues windows. Reboot. Recheck Add/Remove. I have never had anything come back but it is always worth the check. Now work through the profiles. Open EVERY folder and delete unnecessary shortcuts. Keep anything that you think you might want, nuke the rest. Make sure you go through the program folders (only way to get at Game Zone) and delete away. Run CCleaner, reboot. Install your AV. Now lay down your firewall- I use Zone- and configure.

One more reboot and make a back-up of the registry in this state.

Since I use FireFox, I install it right after the Zone install.

Once online, my first stop is for a shield check and to run a Leaktest. That will tell you if everything is as it should be.

I will check back for your results.

Edit to add OEM rationale

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No Joy!!!

by cabanks In reply to I feel your pain

Thank you for your help but I could only delete Gaming Zone if I first deleted the dlls from system32/dllcache and when I did that I got error messages all over the place. I will leave them for now. HP provided a tool to create Recovery Disk which I did immediate upon buying the PC but you can only use this tool once. I would really like to create a new set of Recovery CDs do you know a way to get overrideund HP default of "one set only"?

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delete the folder

by jamesatmaisonverre In reply to Delete MSN Gaming Zone

do a search for the folder that is located on your c but not in programme files and delete the folder.Make sure you check hidden files and folders

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Use Add/Remove Windows Components

by ViperGeek In reply to Delete MSN Gaming Zone

MS has hidden it very well, but it's there. Go to Add/Remove Programs, select Add/Remove Windows Components on the left, select Accessories and Utilities (don't uncheck it) and click Details... Then select Games (don't uncheck it) and again click Details... Uncheck Internet Games, then click OK, OK, OK, etc. Magically, all those evil MSN games are gone.

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Removing MSN Gamming Zone Methodology

by g2v12 In reply to Use Add/Remove Windows Co ...

Your method of removal worked when all others failed. Thank you so much! You are one awesome individual.

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