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Delete Operating system

By Abbasi ·
I have a PC that when you boot it has a message on whether to chose win xp or windows me. My question is how can I delete the windows me operation system and keep the windows xp operating system. Thanks

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by BFilmFan In reply to Delete Operating system

You could go into Disk Administrator and identify the partition containing the ME OS and delete it assuming that ME was installed in a separate partition.

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by alokchauhan1 In reply to Delete Operating system

u have to just boot by windows XP and rename the directory of WINDOWS ME then run the command " msconfig " then go to boot.ini and then click on check all boot paths. now it will ask u that 1 path has been changed would u like to remove it. click on yes. now the only option u got is WINDOWS XP. here u can change the waiting time to choose the boot loader default.

the other option is to modify the boot.ini file manulally but this is difficult bacause u have to identify the Windows ME boot path in that file to remove manually. but the fist option is good.

i hope this will work for u. best of luck n enjoy

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by petrusgumbs_41 In reply to

Your reply help me a lot for the solution to that problem was buggin me also.

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by cicle_98 In reply to Delete Operating system

In line with the above answer, that maybe an option but is the problem that you don't ME or is it that it loads 1st and or you have to choose which OS you would like to load? What ever the case I believe you'll have to modify the boot.ini file. From this file you can (boot.ini) rearange the way the OS's start and how long you have to choose the OS. You can have XP load 1st and or automatically and still leave the ME intact. There is the question too as to the size of your harddrive. Can you supply this info? and maybe copy and paste the boot.ini in text here or email it to me. I hold a CompTIA A+ cert if that makes you feel better about emailing the text. I hold that cert with the understanding that I know things and do not know all that there is to know, peer support I do believe in...

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I am in the same boat

by bcbbanga4l In reply to

What i did was start to install windows media center edition but intsead of upgrading i wanted to do it from scratch all brand new. But some how i messed it up and nothing was working now when i boot up it asks me wich os i want to run xp or media center.. What i want to do is delete media center and run xp eventually re install media center but as an upgrade.

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by dale In reply to Delete Operating system

An additional question regarding this.

Whenever i run msconfig and check/delete my non-existant boot path, when the computer restarts, it dumps me back into msconfig, in selective mode and undoes my changes!

How do I keep the changes in normal mode, hence actually fixing the problem? ...I tried searching for the boot.ini to delete that line manually, but was unable to find it.


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you need to amend the boot.ini and that can be done two ways

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Delete Operating system

first is to open boot.ini (it's in the rrot directory) in Notepad, delete the line for the unwanted OS, and save, then exit Notepad.

second is to open Control Panel, System, Advanced - Start up and Recovery, click on settings button. Click on Edit button, edit boot.ini as per above.

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by bcbbanga4l In reply to you need to amend the boo ...

all right i cant do the first one im confused but i can handle teh second one i'll follow all these steps as soon as i get home.

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ok did boot.

by bcbbanga4l In reply to great

ok so i did the boot thing under control panel is that all i have to do?

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Once you've editted the file, and saved it, it won't show

by Deadly Ernest In reply to ok did boot.

that other choice any more, and if down to one entry, it should go straight to that option without displaying the choices when you next reboot.

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