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Delete restoration data and proceed to system boot menu

By ralphchas ·
I have rather old desktop computer running XP. I usually put it into hiberbation, which I last did yesterday.Today, trying to boot up,I got messages as follows after a few seconds into the bootup procedure (did not get very far) The caption message at top of this post and also: "System could not be started from its previous location due to a read error". I checked Microsoft help and tried disconnecting and trying to restart but I always get back to this message. I use this machine only for backup so it does not get a lot of use for general computing. I also tried using XP program disc but did not do anything. Can anyone help? Apprec all your help in the past.

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Isn't there an option to boot normally?

by cmiller5400 In reply to Delete restoration data a ...

If not then boot to UBCD4Win or UBCD and rename the hiberfil.sys file. That worked for me when I received that error once.

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My hibernation problem

by ralphchas In reply to Isn't there an option to ...

When I try to boot it, it acts normally until about 1/2 a screen (counts memory etc) and then these messages appear and there is no opportunity to do anything else. I do not understand what you suggest or where to find these files. If you have any other ideas, let me know. Appreciate your help.

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More about my hibernation problem

by ralphchas In reply to Delete restoration data a ...

I was wondering if I could create a WIN XP PROF recovery disc using another computer which also uses this same program and version. Then I could use this disc to start up the offending computer. Any ideas? I checked on the web and there are a lot of recovery discs for sale, but I have no idea which to try or, indeed, if any will work. I tried a so-called "PC RECOVERY DISC" that came with the PC and I was able to get past the orig error message down to one that says: INSERT SYSTEM DISC AND PRESS ENTER
but using the sys disk I have, there is no response. I know the drive is operating OK. Can anyone offer any help or should I consider a new (or used) computer??

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Attempted to create recovery disc but no luck

by ralphchas In reply to More about my hibernation ...

I went to MS help and followed the instructions for creating a recovery disc involving 6 floppy disks. However, I could not get past the first disk using this set. Can anyone help me to get this computer to boot up? Ref link:

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