Delete search box from websites

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Hello I'm trying to figure out how to delete what I'm guessing is autofill of some kind. When I go to sites like Amazon or even other smaller websites and it has a search function built in to the site it always gives me options to put in things I have searched for before. I know and have deleted my browsing history. But it's not really something with the browser. It seems to be maybe my phone saving them can anyone tell me where it how I delete those. I also get this from time to time when entering an email in to a log in some sites suggest one of my emails while others do not. Any help would be greatly appreciated thank you very much.
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delete search box from websites

by pooja1588142131 In reply to Delete search box from we ...

you might have visited websites that store cookies in your browser and they might have saved your browsing information because each cookie has its own mission. That’s why you might be seeing autofill at the time of searching. Cookies are created for tracking, collecting, and storing any type of data that companies request. There are some Web sites that do use cookies for storing more personal information about you.
On your Android phone, you can enable or disable cookies by going to your browser then tap on your web browser. After that click on the Menu button to go to settings, here click on content settings and under it you will see Accept cookies- check the box if you want to accept the cookies or uncheck the box if you don’t want to accept the cookies.

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Delete search box from websites

by In reply to Delete search box from we ...

Open an Internet Explorer window and start typing in the URL you want to remove in the address bar and
the Down arrow on your keyboard or tap to select the URL you wish to remove
Then select the red X at the end of the address bar to delete that particular URL.

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Multi Login

by aliamjadshahgt In reply to Delete search box from we ...

On how many devices are your accounts logged in? And are those devices used by anyone else or is it just you?

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