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Im not that familiar with working inside the cisco environment, but the person who usually makes changes is on vacation. I am looking to delete a static route that was put in place on a cisco 2600 series router. I know how to telnet in, but from there I don?t know how to delete the route. I know which route im looking for so if someone could give me some commands to get that done I would really appreciate it. Until we can get this done we have a couple stores unable to communicate, thanks in advance for the help.

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no ip route [you can use that to google for more info]

by CG IT In reply to Delete Static Route Cisco

in privilege exec mode. then ctl+Z

If the admin uses TFTP for loading the running config, then while you can change the running-config it won't be saved on reboot or reload. If you want that, you had better wait for him to do it.

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More explanation...

by Mohammad Oweis In reply to no ip route [you can us ...

After you telnet to the router, type "ena" to enter privilege exec mode
then type "no ip route x.x.x.x ...."
this will remove the route

And as "CG IT" said don't save the configuration or try to do something else, and wait for the admin to come back

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