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Deleted email returns... MULTIPLE times!

By Bugboy ·
We are running Exchange 5.5 on win2k server and we are running outlook 2k on the client machines. the problem we are experiencing is that the clients (some NOT all) are recieving emails that have been read and deleted over and over again. Sometimes they start within an hour or so and sometimes they begin to be repeated the next day. It started with one user and now this is happening to more and more users.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Deleted email returns... ...

if this only happened on one or two, i would be looking at inbox repair tools on outlook and exchange cd's, suspecting corruption in those fragile databases. but---you are having this problem 'spread'?
i would be looking for common denominators. e.g. how big are these problem mailboxes?
look in event error logs on exchange and workstation. notice all of them even if don't seem relevant...the ones i don't understand pretty well, i would look up at
i would try a fresh outlook mail account and see if i can watch/make it break.
i would ask: what has changed around here all of a sudden
i would ask: how is anti-virus protection working?
one idea: you are having communication problems of some sort on some of the pc's and exchange is not 'getting' that messages have been received and so is resending them...

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by a.grogan In reply to Deleted email returns... ...

I remember having a silmilar problem and it related to corrupt messages in the SMTP queues.
Run MTA check and repair any problems that it may find, or take a copy of all of the messages in the smtp folder and then delete them.

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