Deleted Exchange Account

By brett.sutherland ·
So, I am not an IT guy and know full well why you guys get paid handsomely.

I just started using SBS 2003 in July. I don't know anything about exchange server. I didn't think I was using it. I have several email accounts that are my primary accounts. I had pop account1, pop account2 and exchange account.

The exchange account set itself as default, but hadn't configured, so it was causing delays on send/receive. So, I thought I would delete it. When I deleted it, I lost my personal folder that showed pop1 and pop2, even though those accounts are still active. If I try to send with one of those accounts they get stuck in an invisible outbox that isn't sending. I know they are there because when I shut down I get the notification saying so.

I do have a backup that is a little older, but other mail is still on the servers so I shouldn't lose much.

My question is, where are those folders and how do I get them back?

Sorry to be a newb. If you saw me you would say I am definitely as dumb as I look!

Thanks in advance.


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by brett.sutherland In reply to Deleted Exchange Account

Ok, I think I understand what has happened. When I deleted the exchange account, it deleted the associated folders where all of my other emails were going as well.

My offsite backup service is down at the moment.

Another additional thoughts would be appreciated as I try to understand WT? I am doing :)

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re: Exchange account

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Update

Generally speaking, exchange accounts store the folders on the exchange server. However, some people move things from the server to their local PST file to help clean off the server. Try using File -> Open -> Outlook Data File and see if there's another PST file stored in the normal location.

If it's not there, you're out of luck unless you can recreate the Exchange account in Outlook. Your mail is on the Exchange Server.


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Outlook in cached mode

by Monice In reply to Deleted Exchange Account

If you were using Outlook in cached mode you can recover everything in your mailbox from your .ost file. You can do a search for *.ost to see if one exists. Make sure you are searching hidden and system files. You do need a third party tool to do so. I have used the following software successfully:

Please post again if you need further assistance.

Good luck.

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