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Deleted Files in Peer to Peer Network

By brdquinn78 ·

I have a Peer to Peer network in a small business environment running Win2k Pro & WinXP Pro. I have a shared folder on one computer that acts as my "server." I've noticed that if I delete files in the shared folder from another workstation that the files appear to be gone forever. They don't show up in the workstation from which the files were deleted or the computer which stored the files. Is it possible to find/retrieve these files?


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by larryhyman In reply to Deleted Files in Peer to ...

no, it is designed like that !!!!

solution, make the server shared folder read only

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by gary.cole In reply to Deleted Files in Peer to ...

Hi there

Larry is, of course, dead correct....though I think a little more explanation might help. When you delete a file on a local disk, you have generally NOT deleted the file, just changed the disk pointer so that the GUI displays the file through the "Recycle Bin". Unfortunately, when deleting a file across a network, you can't change the pointers on the remote machine, so the file is permanently deleted immediately.

You can see this by the message the Micrsoft displays when you hit the delete key...try it! When you delete locally, you will see a message asking you if you want to move the file to the recycle bin. When you do it across a network, the meassage will ask if you want to DELETE the file.

Hope this helps!


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by rkuhn In reply to Deleted Files in Peer to ...

In the most simplistic world of black and white, they are both correct. Unfortunately, this world isn't black and white.

Many, many undelete programs will work. Guess it depends on how important your files are to you.

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by dbowden In reply to Deleted Files in Peer to ...

You can always restore it from a backup...

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by Joe90Fluke In reply to Deleted Files in Peer to ...

I have another idea,but I have to admit that putting those files in modify only is the safer solution.

I can add that if you are quick enough to act before someone else overwrites the "so freed up cluster"
then you can probably run an undelete software and retreive the file(S). This supposes that the undelete software is installed before you need it and it is suggested you put it on a different partition, away from where the data is stored.
Other idea: you can always disable the network card to prevent access to the files during the undelete operation.

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