Deleted files keep coming back. Need help!

By Lonndragon ·
I have some users who have to create and delete files on a regular basis. I just set up new computers for them and they have run into an issue. when they create an MPG file and try to delete it the files deletes then comes back and can not be deleted. the file is gone on reboot however.

the problem is they create and delete files a lot so rebooting a lot is not an option. Also their old PCs did not have this issue. the PCs are running Win XP pro and SP2.

Since the Old PCs don't have this problem it must be a windows thing. So is there a way to fix this issue?


Note: these MPGs are not a movie this MPG is used by a program to create parts on a steel cutting machine

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Just for the heck of it

by IC-IT In reply to Deleted files keep coming ...

On the window where they see the file, have them press F5.

This will refresh that screen and may remove the weird delete.

(Make sure that window is still active before the F5).

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It's still there.

by Lonndragon In reply to Just for the heck of it

Tried that and the file is still there. it even shows up on other PCs not just on the PC that "deleted" it.

the funny thing is once that user who deleted it reboots their machine the file goes away.

Like I said I can hook up their old PCs and they can delete and recreate files with no problem. it's on the new ones that can't It has to be a windows setting someplace.

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I've seen it many times before....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to It's still there.

Same issue, you delete a file but it doesn't 'disappear' like you think it should. Upon reboot, it's gone.

Usually, what you're seeing is a ghost of the old file. It has really been deleted, but the screen didn't refresh. If you navigate to another folder, even another drive, then back again, it's usually gone.

But, you said this file can be seen from another computer. So, we'll have to assume the file was in use and had not yet been released when they 'deleted' it. When this happens, look to see if the program they were using to open/edit the file with is still running in system processes.

Another thing to think about is how fragmented the hard drive is. If this particular user is quite frequently creating then deleting files, chances are the drive is in desperate need of a good DEFRAG, several times in fact.

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Still no luck.

by Lonndragon In reply to I've seen it many times b ...

thanks for the suggestion. the Drive they are working on is a network drive. I checked that server and the was not a lot of fragmentation. I ran defrag and rebooted the server then ran defrag again and rebooted to be safe. that did not fix this issue.

I checked more into this and found the issue might be centered around Explorer.EXE . When I end process on Explorer.EXE and restart it poof no more file.

There has to be a way to get Explorer to release the file without crashing it though. I'd hate to have to tell the drafters to crash explorer then bring it back up all the time.

Like I said it's weird because the old PCs never did this. I even tried copying explorer.exe from an old machine to a new one but that didn't fix this either.

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shot in the dark....

by ---TK--- In reply to Deleted files keep coming ...

Are you running Roaming profiles? That could be causing the issue.... depends on how its all set up...

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no roaming profiles

by Lonndragon In reply to shot in the dark....

there are no roaming profiles closest thing to that is a mapped home folder.

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by Jacky Howe In reply to Deleted files keep coming ...

you need to clean out temp files and defrag the workstation regularly.
Is the file in use? It sounds obvious but it happens. If it is being used or open, close the file and the application that opened it. For example, if it is a Word document, close Microsoft Word.
If the file was opened in an application (and subsequently closed), but the program is still running, try quitting the program. Windows will lock a file because the application hasn't yet released it. This is not always Windows fault and can be the fault of the program.
<i>Keep us informed as to your progress if you require further assistance.

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