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Deleted HD data

By Ralenm ·
I accidently deleted the wrong files from my hard drive. I have not written anything to the Drive since I deleted the files, so I think the data is still there. How can I retrieve the data. Thank you.

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by G... In reply to Deleted HD data

You can try to open a cmd window and run undelete.

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by G... In reply to

There are also software doing that if that won't work but I don't know any names.

(Remember google is your friend!)

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Deleted HD data

You can try any of the following but I would first remove the HDD and use it in a USB Caddy so that you are not overwriting any data.









One of those may fit the bill if any of the above suggestions don't work for you.

My personal Pick would be the On Track option but it doesn't come cheap Win Hex Davary is probably the cheapest alternative but it isn't overly fast, the others I've heard varying accounts of but in this case the Iolo Product 30 Day Trail may be exactly what you need.

Although I've never actually used it some of their other products work very well so it may be worth a try but with any form of Data Recovery it's always far easier to do it properly and not run the chance of destroying any data on the affected drive so always write the recovered files to another drive and never allow Windows to run as this can overwrite the files as well.


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by rfishpool In reply to Deleted HD data

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