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    Deleted video appearing on a different SD card


    by Anonymous ·

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    Hi, I am after some advise. If someone deletes a file(video) off of a device and off the cloud, how can it reappear on another SD card by itself? Is this possible? I have no idea why a file that was supposedly deleted has turned up on another SD card. My partner has just got a new phone and kept the same number so it could have possibly just backed up old files on to the new device automatically? But then surely all videos would be on this new SD card if that was the case right? Sorry I bet I sound like a right idiot. He said file could have been archived. But when I archive my files and delete them off my device they are also deleted off my archive, so I’m confused. Thanks so much for your time. If u need any clarification please ask.

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      Well if it really was deleted

      by oh smeg ·

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      Then the obvious is that the Cloud Storage had an issue and rebuilt their system from their backup which was taken before this file was deleted.

      Have you tried looking in the Cloud Storage Folder to see if it is there?

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        by Anonymous ·

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        Hi no basically it’s not my gcloud so I can’t look at it at the moment. I’m just trying to understand how a file could mysteriously appear on a SD card or if it has to be put there deliberately. It’s a spare SD card with a few existing files on it. The SD card was put into my partners phone. Then taken out. I looked at it and found an old file on there and he says he doesn’t know how that appeared there. I basically want to know if he is telling the truth. Thanks for your reply 🙂

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      Deleted Video

      by joymerrymann ·

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      may the deleted video has a backup somewhere and seems its not permanently deleted.

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