Deleting a workgroup

By businessmindedmd ·
Network administrator shared files to my computer by adding my computer to his workgroup. I noticed my computer name under his workgroup on the network. I can see his printer, his workgroup name, and his computer names. Please help? Before he did that, my computer files and folders were private and he couldn't see none of my files. He said now he can't see my files but I am worried that is why i made it private. Please help me get rid of his workgroup and computer names from being seen on my computer.

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You want

by shasca In reply to Deleting a workgroup

We should help you circumvent your Net Admins control over your PC? Yeah that'll happen.

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Any other suggestions

by businessmindedmd In reply to You want

Anything I can do on my end? I tried making my files private and that work. He can't see nothing on his end. Anyone else that signs on my computer as guest or whatever can't see but me. I just don't want to see his computer names and his work group in the network places on XP Professional. Any suggestions? Anyone?

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I suggest you QUIT fighting the system!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Any other suggestions

Your Network Administrator is KING of your world, be it in school or at work. You don't own the equipment OR the files that are stored on that computer. You can make them private all you want, but if the Net Admin wants to look at them, there's nothing you can do about it

Get used to it and quit trying to fight the system. If you continue, you could find yourself standing outside, looking in and wishing you were back inside. Get my drift?

(edited for typo)

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It's issue on my home computer

by businessmindedmd In reply to I suggest you QUIT fighti ...

It is my computer I bought 4 years ago. It's my files at home. I say my stepfather is the network person cause im on his wireless network. However, he wanted to transfer a file ova the network and reconfigure something on my network so it could be transferred. He thought he got rid of all the changes but obvious my computer is still showing the name of his workgroup and his computer on my computer screen. he says he can't see me but i see his computer names but not his files. Before he reconfigured everything my files were kept private and no one was able to see me on the network nor could i see them. Anyone have suggestions?

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Best thing to do

by LarryD4 In reply to Deleting a workgroup

Document the issue..

Take a screen-shot(Print Screen button) of what you see and paste it in to MS-Paint and save the image.

Write an email to boss, superior, owner, etc. explaining that you see this all the time and can't understand why you do.

Then make clear that you can't be held responsible for information security, if you are worried your Net Admin would leak and or look at your work.

I'll bet money it gets resolved sooner rather then later.

I would also be sure to get a return receipt via email and file it away under "Covering My A**".

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